You All Are So Amazing!

Can’t believe it. Just sent out my other blog a couple of hours ago to request as your time permits to send some words of encouragement and support to Terry’s mom for the loss of her husband Jeff today and already the support from you is comming in so quickly!

Then, just a few minutes ago I went outside to take my dog Roxy for a poddy break and as I looked up there perched right on my RV window near my dining area was a frog looking in ! It was jumping for joy. I don’t know how it could of got up there?  I really think it is Terry again comming back to me to give you his sign of approval and a Big Thank You for thinking about his Mom and sending her such beautiful condolences.

Okay, things even get a bit weirder.  So, as I am getting ready to post this impromptu blog post to you, I have on the TV on the ABC channel  the “Sound of Music” which I thought my mom would enjoy watching. Interestingly this was Terry’s favorite movie of all time and he had always longed to go to Austria someday where Julie Andrews was high up in the Alps singing the famous “sound of music” song.  Shortly thereafter as Maria is getting introduced to the children to be their governess and as the main housekeeper is walking up the stairs, Maria becomes startled because right out of her coat pocket jumps out a Frog !!!  A prank by one of the kids.  Surprisingly it looked just like the frog “Terry” perched on my window looking in at the TV!  This is amazing…..I know without a doubt the frog on the window has to be Terry….This is not a coincidence. YOu guys writing beautiful condolences, then the frog perched on my window looking in watching the Sound of Music and then  the frog jumping out of Maria’c coat pocket,  It all ties together so perfectly !!  All I can say is WOW ! Love Gary
  Luv, Gary

19 thoughts on “You All Are So Amazing!

  1. Terry appeared as the black bird to plant the idea that you must ring his mother, knowing that Jeff’s passing was iminent and then he appeared as the little frog jumping for joy that you reached out at the right moment. The icing on the cake was making sure you were looking at the screen just at the moment when the frog jumped out of Maria’s pocket. Of course, Terry, like me, as a devotee of The Sound of Music would have known the exact moment. I am sure he is smiling broadly at his success in this mission.

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  2. Isn’t the signs from the spirit world amazing, I have always said to friends and family, once you open up and accept the signs, they will never stop, and your heart will be happy for it…..Gotta love Terrys ways of showing up….pretty darn magical!!!! thank you for sharing Gary, and keep watch, because the magical ride is just getting going…..xxkat

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