The Prize For Best Audience Participation Goes to ….?



Hey All,

Took my mother to another outdoor Christmas Concert this past Saturday evening in Melbourne, FL.  We went there along with a group of about 30 people from one of my Meetup Social Groups in the local area.  Prior to that, we had a nice dinner with this group at an Italian Restaurant in the local area, which within walking distance to the concert.

In the 3 short video clips I took….you will notice that the girl in the Christmas Hat was really getting into the music and could have been the conductor of the concert !  It’s nice to see people having fun.  Sorry these 3 short video clips are not as clear as they could be.  Unless I first put them on YouTube and then pull them from there to WordPress, they sometimes are not as clear as I would like them to be.  However, it would have taken me some time to try to do this so I am just including here a few very short clips directly from my cell to give you an idea of the festive atmosphere.  Enjoy !  Gary





12 thoughts on “The Prize For Best Audience Participation Goes to ….?

  1. Keeps my depression down. The more active I remain….the easier it is for me to stay away from negativity about life. When not doing anything, my mind starts to wonder and I become sad and angry and then get into a state of depression about Terry’s passing. I am trying to fight this, but it is hard to do without diversions. Gary


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