Quick Visit to New England Yesterday!

Okay all,

I know the title of this blog is going to throw you off a bit.  You are probably wondering what is Gary doing in New England? He just told us in his last post that his younger brother Randy was going to be stopping by Cocoa Beach and then he and his younger brother along with his Mom (Stacia) and dog (Roxy) where all heading for Orlando to spend Christmas with their older brother (Jan) and sister-in-law (Gail) ? So what is all this traveling to New England about?

Yes it is true we surprised my Mom yesterday with a special treat and went to New England ! When Randy arrived on Friday, I decided to take them to a special restaurant that I heard about around the Melbourne Beach area that specializes in New England seafood favorites.  What a real treat it was to see that they had fried clams and lobster rolls on the menu, which is so hard to find down here !  Also,  prior to the main course, I got my Mom a nice cup of New England chowder which she loved!  The décor of New England in the restaurant and the meal, brought back fond memories for my mother and of course for my brother Randy and myself as well.

This was such a nice way to wrap up my Mom’s visit with me before traveling on to Orlando.  I know that she really enjoyed her time with me as I did with her.  I am grateful that my Mom is still living and that despite her dementia, she for the most part can do most daily functions on her own and in some respects, better than I can do myself.  She is truly blessed !

Have a great day.

Luv, Gary



18 thoughts on “Quick Visit to New England Yesterday!

  1. Gary you certainly had me fooled with that title! I am so happy that you were able to give your mom a little reminder of her New England heritage … she looks so happy and I am sure she has had the most wonderful time with you (and Roxy) and will have the happiest of Christmas’s with you all in Orlando. Safe travels to you all and have a wonderful time together x


  2. I enjoyed you having your mom…..I wish I could have mine with me just one more time. I loved all your post, your outings and what a special woman she is. Your mom is wonderful, thank you for sharing her with us…..give her a hug from me….xxkat


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