Christmas Boat Parade on Long Lake

Hey All,

At my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s house in Oviedo, Florida (just northeast of Orlando).  Tonight (Friday 12/23) after having a nice meal on the patio, we walked down the  dock to Long Lake (just behind their back yard) to watch a small but very beautiful Christmas Boat Parade.  I hope you enjoy the video. The weather was beautiful as usual.  The boats really show up nicely, but so sorry it was so dark that you can’t see my sister-in-law Gail who first spoke to you, followed by my brother Jan and then Mom later in the video, but just as well because you will get to see them as well as my bother Randy and of course Roxy in several other videos I plan to take of them throughout the Holiday weekend.  However, glad that you could at least hear their voices for now and even hear my Mom wishing you all Merry Christmas in Polish.  The main thing that I wanted you to get to see tonight was the beautiful Christmas boats and the awesome reflection of the lights on the water.  Enjoy !  Luv Gary


12 thoughts on “Christmas Boat Parade on Long Lake

  1. That was SO pretty …. I love that the boat owners have entered into the spirit so beautifully, making their craft like floating Miss World pageant contestants – their shining, sparkling best!


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