Roxy — Now in Heaven with Terry 

It is with a heavy heart to let you all know that my beloved dog “Roxy” passed away this evening while I was still at my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s house in the Orlando area.

I had planned on leaving tomorrow morning (Wednesday) along with my “Roxy back for Cocoa Beach at around the same time that my younger brother Randy would be driving back with my Mom for the Fort Walton Beach area.

On Tuesday early evening we all decided to get out of the house for a few hours and to go out for dinner.  So just prior to departing I fed Roxy.  She was then resting comfortably on her bed in the caged lanai area outside in the backyard area of my brother’s house.

Then upon returning home I went out back to check on Roxy and my intention was to bring her back inside into the large TV room so she could be with us while we were going to all relax and watch a movie. To my surprise when I went outside, I did not hear the familiar little pitter patter of “Roxy’s” feet as I expected her to be happy to see me.  Instead, I found my beloved “Roxy” floating face down in the middle of the pool, lifeless.

We are not sure what actually happened? Did she have a stroke or did she get startled by another animal outside of the caged area and run towards it and while doing so loose her balance and fall into the pool and then unable to find a way to safety drown?  At this point, I will never know for sure, but I am devastated to know that she was in great need of my help and unfortunately, I was not there at the right moment to bring her to safety in her greatest moment of need.  The vision of all this happening keeps haunting me and I have a feeling of great guilt and despair.

All that I know is that I will deeply miss my beloved and precious dog  “Roxy” and to think just a little over three months since losing my beloved “Terry”. Life sometimes just doesn’t seem fair. The year 2017 had not been a good one for me, and I am so glad that it will be ending soon.

“Roxy” was such a faithful and friendly companion. She gave me great comfort and helped to remind me day after day that I was truly not totally alone after “Terry’s” passing and that she would be there by my side unconditionally to get me through all my grief. Now my dear dog “Roxy” is also no longer here with me physically and the reality is that she will not be accompanying me when I return back home tommorow to Cocoa Beach. From this point forward, just like “Terry”, “Roxy” will now only be with me in spirit and have a very special place deep in my heart. I am a least comforted to know that “Roxy” is now reunited with Terry in heaven and they will both take care of one another (and of course “Terry” will provide “Roxy” with an abundance of treats and “Roxy” will provide “Terry” with an abundance of licks) and they will both continue to watch over me from above and provide me with an abundance of love.

So I say again, so long my dear and faithful friend, “Roxy.”  Safe journeys. You have brought to me so much love and happiness for the past 15 years. You truly were a faithful companion and will always be my best friend. I will miss your wagging tail as I brought you treats and more treats! I will miss your grunts as you devoured your bowls of food like there was no tomorrow. I will miss your loud snores at night that were actually a comfort to my ears., I will miss giving you long belly rubs which you loved so much and I in turn will miss getting all those licks and kisses from you that I thought would never end.  All in all I will just miss you !!

With loving remembrance forever, Gary

P.S. I have asked my brother Randy to take “Roxy”with him tomorrow and to bury her in his back yard beside his former dog “ChiChi” who passed away tragically a few years ago under the same kinds of circumstances. “Roxy” spent many a visit at my brother’s home over the years and since I no longer have a permanent home or have my own permanent place to bury “Roxy” I am comforted to know that “Roxy” will have a final resting place at least in a familiar surroundings and next to his cousin “ChiChi.

So now I am the last one of four still standing  from the immediate household that I have known for the past 15 years . First “Terry,” “Roxy,” and myself lost our beloved Chihuahua “Max” in the spring of 2014 while we were still living in Dallas, then “Roxy” and I had to say our farewell to our beloved “Terry” in September of this year and now I must once again have to say farewell to my beloved “Roxy” today and now I remain the last one standing. Such a lonely thought when I think about it. The next couple of days will be very tough for me once again and I may need to take a few days off from blogging. Please understand.

I leave you with this link for the most beautiful version of Hallelujah that I have ever heard in honor of “Roxy’s” passing as well as handful of the most recent photos of my dear dog.

Love Gary

56 thoughts on “Roxy — Now in Heaven with Terry 

    • Thanks Jodi. Doesn’t seem possible that now everyone but myself are gone. We were such a happy family of 4 just a few years ago. I was the one with all the health problems back then and here I am now the last one standing
      Luv Gary

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      • I’m so sorry for your losses and grief dear gary! It is so much to handle. Give yourself permission to grieve it and try to also move on. Such a difficult time. My heart is with you. Hugs.


  1. My dear Gary, I tried to ring you earlier but unsurprisingly you didn’t pick up. I will email you also. This is just my response to this heartbreaking post. I cannot imagine what you are feeling, on top of all you have endured this year to have loyal Roxy pass so suddenly is beyond unkind. Take the warmest hugs from me, take all my condolences and mostly take all my love from across the pond. I will light candles for that pesky sweet baby this evening and for you. Take care. Go softly. Go gently xx


  2. I am so sorry Gary…but to think she is laying on Terrys lap has to be some comfort. There are no words to make the pain go away. Just know you were the best friend she had and we can’t always be there, its life unfortunately !! you were a light in her eyes and I know how much she meant to you, believe me she holds nothing against you….be well my friend. Kat

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  3. Oh, Gary, this is just awful news. I loved seeing Roxy in your pictures. She was such a joy to me; I can only imagine the comfort and love she gave to you, especially over the last few months since Terry’s passing. You are always in our thoughts and prayers, but I’ll be sending up some extra special ones for you, as I am sure you can use them.


    • Sarah, Thanks for your kind words and support. Having a very tough time today coping with what happened to Roxy. There is a great feeling of emptiness in my life right now. I am trying to fight off depression as I think about Terry, Max and now Roxy all now being gone. Don’t even feel like getting out or trying to post any blogs for a few days until these feelings pass. I know in time they will and I will try to do things again, but just need a few days by myself to reflect and process everything. Luv Gary


  4. Oh Gary, I am so sorry to hear about Roxie. She had a very long life for a little dog but that doesn’t ease your sadness. I truly hope that 2018 is kinder to you, we shall meet and perhaps you might rescue some other little person to love. K x


  5. Thanks Kerry,

    Yes, It’s been really tough. I can’t get my little dog out of my mind…just seeing Roxy floating life-less in my brother’s pool really got to me. I hated to think of the awful way she went and that I wasn’t there to rescue her.. This void of not having her around, will stick with me for quite awhile, as I dealt with first with Terry’s passing.. For some reason it has caused me to lose interest in going out and getting involved in the social activities that I had been doing. I just need some quite time to reflect. Kind of a quite ending to the year. Hopefully 2018 will be better? Luv Gary


    • Whatever happened to Roxy was probably instantaneous. My sixth sense says that she had a stroke and fell in the water. I think perhaps her death has brought everything back about Terry’s painful passing. Two of my last cats died immediately after my mum and it took me a year to break down with grief. I don’t think you ever recover but you have friends all over the world who truly care, even at a distance. Perhaps it might be time to see a grief counselor to help you get back to an even keel. Love K x


  6. Gary, I am deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful Roxy. She was always such a joy to see in the pic’s posted. I am at such a loss for words Gary….I cannot imagine what you are feeling. Try take care, and I pray for you to have strength. I really hope that 2018 will be better year for you. Thinking of you.


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