The Big Parade

Hey all, 

Feeling a little better so I thought I’d send you a few more videos from the RV show I attended last week in Tampa.

The main video is of a little parade they had during the day with some of the entertainers that were there (to include my friends “The Green Guy”and “Rex not ftom Tex”) Look closely at that video and check out what’s pulling the covered wagon wheel. Didn’t think that animal was that strong!

The second video is of a Scotish Bag Pipe Band and the 3rd video was just a local Hill Billy having fun.

The last 2 photos I took just when getting to leave the show. It is a Class B + 2018 Airstream Atlas. (You can goggle it for more photos). It is essentially a wider van with a Mercedes engine and something I could live in if I really wanted to down-size even more and be fully mobile to travel and park my home anywhere and be totally self-sufficient. It has a full bathroom with a dedicated shower and a cool queen size Murphy Bed, making the space very efficient. This particular RV is a little pricy although at over  $ 210K, so before rushing into something like this, I would really need to do my homework to ensure it would be the best one for me. Again no rush to do anything just right yet, as my current home is sufficient for my present needs to spend 6 months on the East and then West coast of Forida each year. Eventually I’ll figure out what is best, when the time is right.

About all for now..have a great weekend! Luv Gary

Got the Dreaded Flu!!

Got up yesterday morning in deep chills and a 102 degree temperature. My body ached all over and had severe headaches. Stayed in bed all day drinking alot of fluids. I had 3 blankets on me to stay warm although it was 83 degrees outside! My temperature has come down today to a normal range, but still having alot of chills and headaches, so plan to just continue to rest. Hopefully, I will be as good as new in a couple of days. 

Hope to blog again in a few days. Right now to do anything is an effort.

Luv Gary

The Blues at “Earls” in Sabastian, Florida

Hey All, 

Spent Sunday afternoon with a good friend of mine Beau who I met at one of the Meetup groups who has lived in the local Melbourne, Suntree, Cocoa Beach area for years and knows everybody around here and the coolest locations to hang out at. 

On Sunday we went to a fine arts fair in Sebastian, Florida. Later that day we hung out at a really cool bar called Earls that is known for having the best in live entertainment, specializing in the “Blues”. This place has been around since back in the 50’s and is frequented by many locals in the Sebastian area. Aldo, many bikers from all over Florida come here. Th plsce had such a laid back atmosphere and was loads of fun. The headliner Blues band on Sunday was from New Orleans. The Blues band prior them was one of the top 10 Blues bands from Canada.

The video doesn’t do the band from New Orleans justice. In person, they were 10 times better. So glad I went. 

As a side note….The 3 photos of the wooden sail boats were actually affixed onto a guy’s straw hat at Esrls It was so cool thst I asked if I could photograph it. Found out that these 3 sail boats were actually replicas of 3 actual sailboats that this guy built. Very unique.

Okay, guess about all for now. Have a great day. Luv Gary


Meet My New Buddy Lynna

Hey All, 

Happy Monday ! 

Went to the annual “Frogs Leg Festival” in Fellsmere, Florida on Saturday with a couple friends of mine from one of the meetup groups There were a number of Vendors there with arts and crafts and homemade preserves for sampling and for purchase such as tasty jellies and jams, salsas, delicious dips, etc; amusement rides and games, great music and a wide variety of food. It was a nice afternoon to just get out and about with local friends.

Note: May have accidentally deleted my you tube video from this blog, so I sent it out seperately. Sorry all.

Have a great week!

Luv Gary

Meet My New Friend Rex, But Not From Tex and a little something for all Dog Lovers!

Hey All,

Here’s another new friend that I met while at the RV show in Tampa on Thursday.  “Rex” came to the show here in Florida, but he’s actually from Wyoming (Not Texas).  “Rex” reminded me so much of “Big Tex” who stood so proudly year each year at the entrance to the Great State Fair of Texas held each fall in Dallas at Fair Park adjacent to the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Naturally, although “rex” was on stilts, “Big Tex” was a lot taller, 55 feet tall to be exact.  That’s a big Cowboy.  In fact Big Tex’s boots themselves were taller than me !  I forget the exact year, but while living in Dallas, there was one year when an electrical malfunction occurred and “Big Tex” went up in flames and was totally destroyed.  This was a big deal and Texas had to seek bids for an appropriate contractor to rebuild an entirely new “Big Tex.”This was no small job and involved a lot of logistics and engineering to reconstruct this icon, especially given the enormous size and weight of this grand Texan (just a little of Trivia)

Also for all you Pet Lovers…..I am including a couple photos of some wonderful Dog’s that were also at the RV show, actively working to collect donations to fight cancer in “Man’s Best Friend”.  I was very touched by this and had to make a recurring monetary donation to this wonderful organization on behalf of both Terry and Roxy, since they were my two best friends. Since I lost Terry to this dreaded disease and then Roxy to an unfortunate tragedy the day after Christmas, I thought that a combined donation on behalf of both of them seemed so appropriate and fitting.


My New Friend (No watering required!)

Hey All,

On Thursday I went on a 2 1/2 hour bus ride with a group from the RV park here at Patrick Air Force Base to the fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida.  They were having a huge RV show there and I thought it would be fun to just browse around to look at all the different types of RV’s from all the many companies there and to also look at other RV accessories that might be helpful to me in the future.

While I was there, I made a new special friend !  While I was walking by a display in the conference center… there in front of me I noticed what I thought to just be a large green plant in a clay pot.  When I went to touch the leaves on the plant because I really couldn’t tell if it was a live or artificial plant, to my amazement the plant suddenly came to life!  Without even needing to pour any water on this large plant….it started to grow and to my astonishment the “Plant Guy” can to life!  How cool !

As you can witness from the video, this rare species of plant was so hardy that he wasn’t even affected by the deep freeze we had down here in Florida this week except maybe for his …..? What a great plant to have in your yard. ..No watering ever required, no fear of its leaves freeing and falling off (I think) and this rare plant even talks to you !  What fun !

I will have a few more videos to eventually post from the fair, where I will share with you some other unique friends I met along the way.  Stay tuned.  Luv Gary


Some Excellent Advice For Us All As We Get Older (Very Informative)

Hey All,

Wanted to share this with you.  It provides some great advice for us all as we get older…. It reminds us of just how short our lives are and that we should strive to make the best of each and every day.  Luv Gary

Many of us are between 65 and death, i.e. old.

This is an excellent list for aging well!

I especially like 20, but be careful of #’s 6 and 9!

  1. It’s time to use the money you saved up. Use it and enjoy it. Don’t just keep it for those who may have no notion of the sacrifices you made to get it. Remember there is nothing more dangerous than a son or daughter-in-law with big ideas for your hard-earned capital. Warning: This is also a bad time for investments, even if it seems wonderful or fool-proof. They only bring problems and worries. This is a time for you to enjoy some peace and quiet.
  2. Stop worrying about the financial situation of your children and grandchildren, and don’t feel bad spending your money on yourself. You’ve taken care of them for many years, and you’ve taught them what you could. You gave them an education, food, shelter and support. The responsibility is now theirs to earn their own money.
  3. Keep a healthy life, without great physical effort. Do moderate exercise (like walking every day), eat well and get your sleep. It’s easy to become sick, and it gets harder to remain healthy. That is why you need to keep yourself in good shape and be aware of your medical and physical needs. Keep in touch with your doctor, do tests even when you’re feeling well. Stay informed.
  4. Always buy the best, most beautiful items for your significant other. The key goal is to enjoy your money with your partner. One day one of you will miss the other, and the money will not provide any comfort then, enjoy it together.
  5. Don’t stress over the little things. You’ve already overcome so much in your life. You have good memories and bad ones, but the important thing is the present. Don’t let the past drag you down and don’t let the future frighten you. Feel good in the now. Small issues will soon be forgotten.
  6. Regardless of age, always keep love alive. Love your partner, love life, love your family, love your neighbor and remember: “A man is not old as long as he has intelligence and affection.”
  7. Be proud, both inside and out. Don’t stop going to your hair salon or barber, do your nails, go to the dermatologist and the dentist, keep your perfumes and creams well stocked. When you are well-maintained on the outside, it seeps in, making you feel proud and strong.
  8. Don’t lose sight of fashion trends for your age, but keep your own sense of style. There’s nothing worse than an older person trying to wear the current fashion among youngsters. You’ve developed your own sense of what looks good on you – keep it and be proud of it. It’s part of who you are.
  9. ALWAYS stay up-to-date. Read newspapers, watch the news. Go online and read what people are saying. Make sure you have an active email account and try to use some of those social networks. You’ll be surprised what old friends you’ll meet. Keeping in touch with what is going on and with the people you know is important at any age.
  10. Respect the younger generation and their opinions. They may not have the same ideals as you, but they are the future, and will take the world in their direction. Give advice, not criticism, and try to remind them that yesterday’s wisdom still applies today.
  11. Never use the phrase: “In my time.” Your time is now. As long as you’re alive, you are part of this time. You may have been younger, but you are still you now, having fun and enjoying life.
  12. Some people embrace their golden years, while others become bitter and surly. Life is too short to waste your days on the latter. Spend your time with positive, cheerful people, it’ll rub off on you and your days will seem that much better. Spending your time with bitter people will make you older and harder to be around.
  13. Do not surrender to the temptation of living with your children or grandchildren (if you have a financial choice, that is). Sure, being surrounded by family sounds great, but we all need our privacy. They need theirs and you need yours. If you’ve lost your partner (our deepest condolences), then find a person to move in with you and help out. Even then, do so only if you feel you really need the help or do not want to live alone.
  14. Don’t abandon your hobbies. If you don’t have any, make new ones. You can travel, hike, cook, read, dance. You can adopt a cat or a dog, grow a garden, play cards, checkers, chess, dominoes, golf. You can paint, volunteer or just collect certain items. Find something you like and spend some real time having fun with it.
  15. Even if you don’t feel like it, try to accept invitations. Baptisms, graduations, birthdays, weddings, conferences. Try to go. Get out of the house, meet people you haven’t seen in a while, experience something new (or something old). But don’t get upset when you’re not invited. Some events are limited by resources, and not everyone can be hosted. The important thing is to leave the house from time to time. Go to museums, go walk through a field. Get out there.
  16. Be a conversationalist. Talk less and listen more. Some people go on and on about the past, not caring if their listeners are really interested. That’s a great way of reducing their desire to speak with you. Listen first and answer questions, but don’t go off into long stories unless asked to. Speak in courteous tones and try not to complain or criticize too much unless you really need to. Try to accept situations as they are. Everyone is going through the same things, and people have a low tolerance for hearing complaints. Always find some good things to say as well.
  17. Pain and discomfort go hand in hand with getting older. Try not to dwell on them but accept them as a part of the cycle of life we’re all going through. Try to minimize them in your mind. They are not who you are, they are something that life added to you. If they become your entire focus, you lose sight of the person you used to be.
  18. If you’ve been offended by someone – forgive them. If you’ve offended someone – apologize. Don’t drag around resentment with you. It only serves to make you sad and bitter. It doesn’t matter who was right. Someone once said: “Holding a grudge is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Don’t take that poison. Forgive, forget and move on with your life.
  19. If you have a strong belief, savor it. But don’t waste your time trying to convince others. They will make their own choices no matter what you tell them, and it will only bring you frustration. Live your faith and set an example. Live true to your beliefs and let that memory sway them.
  20. Laugh. Laugh A LOT. Laugh at everything. Remember, you are one of the lucky ones. You managed to have a life, a long one. Many never get to this age, never get to experience a full life. But you did. So what’s not to laugh about? Find the humor in your situation.
  21. Take no notice of what others say about you and even less notice of what they might be thinking. They’ll do it anyway, and you should have pride in yourself and what you’ve achieved. Let them talk and don’t worry. They have no idea about your history, your memories and the life you’ve lived so far. There’s still much to be written, so get busy writing and don’t waste time thinking about what others might think. Now is the time to be at rest, at peace and as happy as you can be!


“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”

If you are still under 65,

keep in mind that  your youth will someday catch-up with you!

Shark Tank

20180117_130425622188438.jpgNo this is not a post about the TV show!  I”m actually taking you into the place where I do my bodily functions when at the gym. I know probably too much information (TMI) Never really noticed this sign above the door. Way cool and very appropriate for Florida. Above the urinals, they have a chart where you can compare your pee to the color bands on the chart to see how hydrated you are. So clever. I assume, that they also

have one in the women’s rest room as well, but I’m not going in theirs to check! Have a great day and stay hydrated! Gary

“Terry Tidwell Trio – God Will Make This Trial A Blessing”

Hey All,

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Ever since returning back to Cocoa Beach after Christmas I have been keeping pretty much to myself.  For whatever reason, I haven’t had any desire to get out there and to socialize with others like I had been doing when I first got here, although there are still all kinds of things I could do.  I don’t even socialize much with folks in the RV park. I know all this will eventually change and  I will eventually get into the swing of things again, but for now I just needed a little bit of solitude to think about my past life and my companionship with Terry and with my two little dogs (Roxy and Max). My life in just these past few months has so dramatically changed where once again I am now living day by day on my own.  I think the reality of it all is finally sinking in.  It seems so hard for me these days to get excited about doing much of anything (other than going to the gym which luckily I still have been doing).  When I was much younger it was very easy for me to get out and about and to travel and take vacations on my own and to meet others easily, but as I have gotten older it has become a lot more challenging to do.  Quite frankly I don’t like to have to force myself to do this.  I miss just having that day to day companionship with a soulmate like Terry and don’t think I ever will be able to do that again. I am not the easiest person to live with !

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post this evening, but wanted to let you know how I have been feeling these days.  I don’t know how I came about finding this video and song on you tube, as it was merely by accident.  Look at the title of the group  with the same name as Terry Tidwell. Listen closely to the words of the song.  Maybe it was just another way for Terry to converse indirectly with me thru this musical group to let me know that everything will be alright ?  Luv Gary