Billy Bass Christmas Fish!

Only in Florida. Enjoy! Happy New Year. Luv Gary


Sorry for the original typo when I sent this out  Had Base instead of Bass in the title.   I was typing the blog via my cell phone and while riding my bike without glasses on.  If you see some grammatical mistakes initially in some of my blogs it’s because sometimes I am doing them while on the go under austere conditions, especially with on the spot videos thru You tube.  When I do that I usually need to publish them right away while on my cell phone screen.  I usually correct the grammatical errors later when I get home.  Sorry Gary

12 thoughts on “Billy Bass Christmas Fish!

  1. Very cute!!! Glad you are finding little joys. Glad you are out riding. I can hear sadness in your voice, but I also hear your fight, and your reaching out for life. Keep on keepin’ on. Thinking of you! Sending hugs!


    • Trying Jodi, but it’s been difficult lately. Haven’t been in the mood to get out again. I keep thinking about what happened to poor Roxy and then of course this makes me think of Terry and of course Max. They now are all gone… Who would of thought a couple of years ago that I would be the only one left of the four? Just doesn’t seem possible or that all this has happened so quickly..

      I know that you have had tragedies in your life as well, especially with what happened to your brother and then reaching out to eventually find your birth father after all those years. I know that you had to take time to grieve and then heal and I too will get there in good time (hopefully).
      Luv Gary


    • I’m okay …. First time out since Wednesday (other than the gym). Just can’t seem to get back into the social seen. Mid morning the weather was fair and I decided to use my neighbor’s bike and take a ride. Unfortunately, about 8 mile away from the RV park, the weather started to get bad, temperatures dropped and rain began. I quickly reversed course with headwinds against me, I was wet and cold and it was so nice to finally reach the RV, turn the fireplace back on, get dry and have a cup of hot chocolate! Luv Gary

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      • I think it is entirely natural that you are finding it difficult to have the will to get back into socializing. Perhaps this is a phase in your grief when you need to be alone and allow it to percolate a little. Losing little Roxie just a few days ago and travelling back without her is terribly hard on top of it being only a few months into facing life without your darling Terry. And the weather really doesn’t help but at least you had hot chocolate – that, according to the wisdom of both my husband and youngest daughter is a fix-all for everything on a miserable day. I’m thinking of you, as I always do. Go gently 🤗


  2. You had all that hoopla leading up to and including the holidays, it’s just a bit of post-holiday blues along with all your losses. And yes, I would suspect you’d only see a Christmas bass like that only in Florida, lol! Hugs!


  3. Dear Gary, you are here and they are depending on you to live it up for all of them, for Max, for Roxy, and most importantly, for your beloved Terry! Stay with us, Gary, and keep trying to find little things to enjoy, as challenging as it is!
    Happy New Year and many blessings to you!


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