Today is Terry’s 4 Month Anniversary Since Entering Into the Gates of Heaven — A Re-Blog of What Terry Wrote Exactly One Year Ago

Hey All,

Today is exactly 4 months since Terry saw the shinning light and set out on his eternal journey to the Gates of Heaven.

So for tonight’s post I thought it  would be fitting for me to go back exactly one year ago on Jan 1, 2016 and to re-share with you what Terry posted in his blog on that very day as he welcomed in 2016, really never knowing at that time just what the future would hold.  Interesting, just like I am doing here with you, when he wrote that blog, he too went back and at the beginning that post on Jan 1, 2016, he first re-shared with you what he had blogged exactly one year ago from that very date.  Don’t know what possessed me to do likewise, but maybe somehow Terry through his spirit triggered my mind to do likewise

So now it is my time to wish you all a very Happy New Year and despite my recent feelings once again of sadness and loneness especially over these last few days after I reflect back on all that occurred in 2017 and now at year’s end losing Roxy as well via a tragic accident, I too am echoing my appreciation to you all (as Terry had done in the past) for providing me with your love and support, especially as I try to  move forward in life and to keep up my courage despite all the setbacks of this past year…..I like Terry will never give up hope for a brighter future. What happens in our lives, will all  know is not always in our direct control.  All we can do is to remain strong and live our lives to the fullest and to the best of our ability.

Wishing you and all your family  all the very best in the New Year !  With Love, Gary


Happy Year

Today 1 year ago, my post started with the following –

Happy New Year Everyone!

As I start this New Year, I first wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of you that read my blog.  When I started this a little over 7 months ago I really had no idea where it would take me.  Really I was at a point where I was not doing much in my life.  At that time I knew my extreme Christmas decorating was not going to take place, so I had time on my hands to do something else.  And with me retired and not working, I have time on my hands.  So, what should I do?  I have always had the idea of writing a book about my life, I felt for me that was important.  But, deep inside I knew that would most likely not occur as I consider myself not a writer – I do not know where to start in writing a book.

So there I was last year with time on my hands and wondering what I should be doing with my time.  I could start a blog about me and my life; and that is what I did.  Would anyone read my blog about me and my life?  Would anyone really care about those things in my life that brought me to here today and a new year?  But I am not a writer; would people read and criticize my writing?  Should I expose the true me and everything about me?


In today’s post, I write the following –

Happy 2017 Everyone!

The first day of 2016, I had no knowledge of what that year would bring.

The first day of 2017, I have some knowledge of what this year will bring.

I never write words that are not the truth and I never pretend to be something I am not.

This blog, my blog is about me and my life; my thinking, my emotions, my feelings, my experiences, and events that shape me.

I am privileged to have a platform to write and express me.

I am privileged to have a platform to read and comprehend you.

I write often ‘I appreciate you’, ‘Happy Day’ in posts and comments.

I do not have other words to describe my feelings for you who read my posts.

I will never have words that exactly describe my feelings for the support I receive here.

My wish is each of you have a year full happiness and whatever the journey you are on, that you never give up hope.

I will continue to write and post and I certainly will never give up hope.

I appreciate you, truly I do – happy year my friends.


27 thoughts on “Today is Terry’s 4 Month Anniversary Since Entering Into the Gates of Heaven — A Re-Blog of What Terry Wrote Exactly One Year Ago

  1. I am glad you shared this. It is highly appropriate. We none of us ever know what lies ahead and Terry’s journey was poignant proof of that fact. As we slide into the New Year, his spirit will continue to guide you through because above all things, he loved you 💕


  2. It is lovely to read Terry’s words again and see his beaming smile. You have done something very special in keeping his blog and his spirit alive and we appreciate it very much. We are also here to accompany you on your own special journey as you work through your grief for both Terry and Roxy, a double loss which would fell the strongest, but you are reaching out and allowing us to support you the only way we can. I wish you only the best for this new year. 💜


  3. Aw. Thanks for the remind of a lovely man and his beautiful words. You carry on the tradition very well Mr. Gary, very well indeed. Blessings and good fortune to you as you venture on this new phase of a life’s journey. We’re blessed to be companions with you along the path!


  4. Hi Gary, this is such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. I was so sorry to hear that Terry passed away and wanted to express to you my condolences. Terry was such a beautiful person and he fought so valiantly. Kerry, a mutual friend gave me the news the other day and I wanted to stop past to pay my respects, introduce myself, and experience your writing since you’re carrying on the tradition. I’ve seen you in several videos and you never failed to have me cracking up when Terry would say “say hello Gary” and you’d repeat it. I look forward to future visits. Wishing you a Happy New Year Gary! ~Steph


  5. Thank you for sharing Terrys with us. I miss him and you have no idea how happy I am that you have picked up and are continuing to keep us, your WP community family close!! Happy New Gary, May this new year bring us all happiness, resolve and whatever we wish for…..xxkat


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