My New Friend (No watering required!)

Hey All,

On Thursday I went on a 2 1/2 hour bus ride with a group from the RV park here at Patrick Air Force Base to the fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida.  They were having a huge RV show there and I thought it would be fun to just browse around to look at all the different types of RV’s from all the many companies there and to also look at other RV accessories that might be helpful to me in the future.

While I was there, I made a new special friend !  While I was walking by a display in the conference center… there in front of me I noticed what I thought to just be a large green plant in a clay pot.  When I went to touch the leaves on the plant because I really couldn’t tell if it was a live or artificial plant, to my amazement the plant suddenly came to life!  Without even needing to pour any water on this large plant….it started to grow and to my astonishment the “Plant Guy” can to life!  How cool !

As you can witness from the video, this rare species of plant was so hardy that he wasn’t even affected by the deep freeze we had down here in Florida this week except maybe for his …..? What a great plant to have in your yard. ..No watering ever required, no fear of its leaves freeing and falling off (I think) and this rare plant even talks to you !  What fun !

I will have a few more videos to eventually post from the fair, where I will share with you some other unique friends I met along the way.  Stay tuned.  Luv Gary


12 thoughts on “My New Friend (No watering required!)

  1. Oh, that’s a great video – the Plant Guy seems like a character. Also, I love RV shows – Paul and I go every year to one and have a great time!

    This is unrelated, but this morning, Choppy and I were on our morning walk and saw one of those rainbows reflected off of a cloud. I don’t know why, but those always make me think of Terry – I think we once discussed them, and now they give me a second reason to smile when I see them, as I can both enjoy how pretty they are and think of Terry.


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