Meet My New Friend Rex, But Not From Tex and a little something for all Dog Lovers!

Hey All,

Here’s another new friend that I met while at the RV show in Tampa on Thursday.  “Rex” came to the show here in Florida, but he’s actually from Wyoming (Not Texas).  “Rex” reminded me so much of “Big Tex” who stood so proudly year each year at the entrance to the Great State Fair of Texas held each fall in Dallas at Fair Park adjacent to the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Naturally, although “rex” was on stilts, “Big Tex” was a lot taller, 55 feet tall to be exact.  That’s a big Cowboy.  In fact Big Tex’s boots themselves were taller than me !  I forget the exact year, but while living in Dallas, there was one year when an electrical malfunction occurred and “Big Tex” went up in flames and was totally destroyed.  This was a big deal and Texas had to seek bids for an appropriate contractor to rebuild an entirely new “Big Tex.”This was no small job and involved a lot of logistics and engineering to reconstruct this icon, especially given the enormous size and weight of this grand Texan (just a little of Trivia)

Also for all you Pet Lovers…..I am including a couple photos of some wonderful Dog’s that were also at the RV show, actively working to collect donations to fight cancer in “Man’s Best Friend”.  I was very touched by this and had to make a recurring monetary donation to this wonderful organization on behalf of both Terry and Roxy, since they were my two best friends. Since I lost Terry to this dreaded disease and then Roxy to an unfortunate tragedy the day after Christmas, I thought that a combined donation on behalf of both of them seemed so appropriate and fitting.


16 thoughts on “Meet My New Friend Rex, But Not From Tex and a little something for all Dog Lovers!

  1. Dear Gary, when we lost our beloved feline friend Shabbos to this same disease ten years ago, my husband let me cry for two weeks, and then he insisted that a house is not a home without a cat, and we should start looking for a rescued kitten in need of a home. That’s how Barmalei and Beba came into our lives. I suggest that it is the same with a dog friend. Perhaps you could also let a new friend into your life, someone to care for? Just a gentle suggestion!
    With much love and many blessings,

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    • Thanks Dolly. Appreciate you responding back to my blog. I think I’m going to hold off on a new pet for a while, since I am transcient for the moment. Don’t want the stress of worrying about a new pet at least for now especially since the RV life can be a bit stressful for a new animal. Prefer to be fully mobile for a while and be able to come and go without having to worry who will care for a pet when away. Maybe in the future at a time when resettled a bit in one location, whenever that happens. Luv Gary

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  2. I love the gesture you have made, the tangible donation in the name of Terry and Roxy. They are both smiling that you have decided to make a continual difference and so am I.


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