The Blues at “Earls” in Sabastian, Florida

Hey All, 

Spent Sunday afternoon with a good friend of mine Beau who I met at one of the Meetup groups who has lived in the local Melbourne, Suntree, Cocoa Beach area for years and knows everybody around here and the coolest locations to hang out at. 

On Sunday we went to a fine arts fair in Sebastian, Florida. Later that day we hung out at a really cool bar called Earls that is known for having the best in live entertainment, specializing in the “Blues”. This place has been around since back in the 50’s and is frequented by many locals in the Sebastian area. Aldo, many bikers from all over Florida come here. Th plsce had such a laid back atmosphere and was loads of fun. The headliner Blues band on Sunday was from New Orleans. The Blues band prior them was one of the top 10 Blues bands from Canada.

The video doesn’t do the band from New Orleans justice. In person, they were 10 times better. So glad I went. 

As a side note….The 3 photos of the wooden sail boats were actually affixed onto a guy’s straw hat at Esrls It was so cool thst I asked if I could photograph it. Found out that these 3 sail boats were actually replicas of 3 actual sailboats that this guy built. Very unique.

Okay, guess about all for now. Have a great day. Luv Gary


10 thoughts on “The Blues at “Earls” in Sabastian, Florida

    • Well I was okay until developing the drea see flu! Was running a 102 degrees temperature yesterday and shaking like it was cold (yet 83 degrees outside). A bit better today, but still very weak with severe headaches. Think I will need few more days to shake this. Gary

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      • Oh, Gary. Why don’t you go to the doctor and get some Tamiflu. It can really help if you take it early enough. Make sure you look after yourself – this one flu is a bad one. Lots of fluids. Love K xx


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