5 Months Today

Hey all….Today is the 5th month anniversary of Terry’s passing.

Not a day goes by without Terry being in the forefront of my thoughts.  I  constantly think about him and continually reflect on the wonderful times that we shared during our 15 years together.  I miss him so much.

In recognition of Terry’s 5th month anniversary, I thought I’d list 5 of his key attributes:

T= His Thoughtfulness to me and to others

E= His Endurance to continue to live out each day to the best of his ability (despite his physical and emotional pain) as he continued to seek all avenues to beat his cancer

R= His Righteousness. Always honest and wanting to do the right thing

R= His Resourcefulness to be creative and to constantly think of the most efficient ways to do things

Y= His Youthfulness to embrace life each and every day and to remain hopeful (despite the odds).

Luv Gary





29 thoughts on “5 Months Today

  1. My thoughts are particularly with you today. Five months of mourning a man who you would rather was still with you, of course is hard. Five months of adjusting to him watching over you rather than sitting across the table or walking hand in hand. What you have written is such a beautiful epitaph and I am certain he is smiling from on high. I send you love.

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  2. Lovely words you have written about our friend Terry, your husband. I can’t even begin to understand your loss..even though I never had the chance to meet up with you both, I could feel his love, respect and friendship through his blog and responses….lovely Gary, he is with you every day….and some days he flies, hops or just drops in for a hello…..xxkat


  3. Hi Garry, I used to be a regular visitor to this blog. But, I became extremely irregular with blogging and it’s only this month I’m trying to get back to my previous blogging routine. I was not aware of this! I still remember Terry’s wonderful spirit and words… I will miss him, honestly 😦


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