Hey all….

Received this message below from a friend of mine and wanted to share it with you all as a word of warning.  It is so sad to think that there are people out there that would do such a mean and senseless thing to “man’s best friend”.  Would hate to see this happen to any of your beloved pets. Luv Gary

Warning to all dog lovers!

Last night my sister’s dog, Jake, was at the community dog park. He was playing and running and having a blast. He picked up a Nerf football that was just laying around. He immediately dropped it and shook his head. He got a drink and played a bit longer. Then all of a sudden he wanted to go home. When he got home a few moments later, he laid down and in minutes he was dead. This was a wonderful, healthy 4-yr old Golden Retriever mx. Apparently someone didn’t like the dog park and had left the ball full of poison. So NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LET YOUR DOG PICK UP ANYTHING THAT HE DIDN’T BRING WITH HIM! Any toys abandoned should immediately be put in the trash! This was a horrible loss and my sister is devastated! I doubt they will ever know who did this, but don’t be the next victim. Spread the word–SAVE A LIFE!


  1. I can’t believe someone would actually do this – this is tragic! I am forwarding it to my son to make sure my granddaughter, who already suffered two dog losses, makes sure Ruckus doesn’t pick up anything when she walks him.Thank you for the warning, Gary!


  2. Things like this always put me in a horrible mood 😦 people can be heartless and I don’t know why they need to be so cruel.. this reminded me of living in Sint Marteen and always being so full of anxiety when raising bear. People warned me of poison laid out for dogs, or eating poison meant for rats.. and people can be so abusive to dogs there also. I’m glad when people share these stories to make other pet owners aware and to always be mindful of our pets when walking or even at parks meant for dogs.. because not everyone is a good person inside. I’m heartbroken for that sweet pup who met an unfortunate and untimely end 😦
    M & Bear


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