Say Hi Beau!

Hey everyone,

Kind of an unusual title for today’s blog, but I wanted to introduce you to Beau (Belinda) who I consider to be one of my closest friends. I met Beau through one of my Meetup groups and we have been doing alot of social stuff together.

Beau has lived in the Melborne/Cocoa Beach, Florida area for a long time and she knows everyone around here and is very knowledgeable about all the special events and great places to go  that most people who are not from this area would ever realize are here to explore and enjoy.

Beau is one of the kindest person’s you could ever meet. She is the type of individual that sincerely cares about other people and places their needs well above her own. She has been so supportive to me especially at such a vunerable time of recently losing Terry and she is one of only very few people (other than you guys my blogger friends) and a few select others that I have been able to be totally honest and comfortable with about sharing everything about my life and I feel she too has been very comfortable to share with me the happy and sad moments in her life as well. Beau is like a sister to me which i never had growing up in a family of all boys. Beau is really smart and down to earth (kind of a country girl). She can do just about anything. She can do things that most women (and men to tnclude me for that matter can’t even do). She is a great markman, can work on cars, can fix sprinkler systems, and doesn’t mind getting here hands dirty. She is good with finances (used to be a state auditor), has outstanding culinery skills and she can dress beautifully for the occasion, although she prefers to be casual when appropriate. She is also so flexible and veet easy going. She lives her life to strive to always be a good genuine person with a passion to help others. She does so much volunteer work within the community. She is involved with meals on wheels, caring for animals at rescue facilities, spends an inordinare amount of time helping an elderly man with dementia with his everyday basic needs, just to name but a few things. I can go on and on about Beau and her wonderful attributes but this blog post today would be way too long. I am certain you will learn more about Beau thru other blogs that I write in the future.

I”ve share my spearfruit blog site with Beau, so feel free to chime in and welcome her into the famiy of bloggers!

I am going to include for your enjoyment in today’s blog, a number of photos from the muscle car show that we went to on this past Friday afternoon in Orlando.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Luv Gary


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