Animal Farm 

I love animals. They bring me alot of joy! Maybe that’s why I had a fettish for stuffed animals and all those cute talking toys that you see in the stores at Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, etc; I think I bought so many of these things in my earlier years because they helped to relieve stress and made me happy and naturally, it would be a little ackward trying to have a actual live pet Giraffe, Bear, Monkey, Zebra, etc; in our home.

When Terry and I down-sized and were selling our home in Dallas a couple of years ago, I decided to go ahead (with Terry’s encouragement) to donate my farm/zoo of nearly 1,000 creatures. I felt that why not give them to underpriveledged kids and folks in hospitals in order to provide them some joy and happiness that these beautifil creatures provided to me over the years.

After the muscle car show on Friday and immediately following the Rodeo that Beau and I attended (to be posted in another future blog) we attended a county fair that was adjacent to the Rodeo.

I was so excited, because this fair had a petting zoo! I love petting zoos as ot gives me a chance to get up and close to the beautiful creatures that God gave us. I could stay there for hours and hours because I love bonding with my animal friends. At one time in the past I wanted to be a Veterinarian.

I hope you enjoy the video in this blog and the other photos that I am including for your enjoyment.

My hopes is that this post brings you all a bit of happiness today!

Luv, Gary

11 thoughts on “Animal Farm 

  1. Adorable animals especially those baby zebras! I seem to remember Terry writing about the moment he persuaded you to let go of your ménagerie – you should be very proud that you gifted those that would otherwise not have the pleasure of a cuddly of their own.


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