Having Fun At The Rodeo…Ye ha!

Hey All, 

As stated in the last couple of posts I did… Beau and I had a full day of events to partake in on this past Friday. One of the events was our attendance at the Silver Spurs Rodeo in the Orlando area. I am going to include a couple of photos and a few short videos for you. Hoorfully the videos will down load successfully. They even had cowboys as young as 5 years old on the horses doing varies group movements with other kids. Was quite impressive! Enjoy the Pics. Gary

6 thoughts on “Having Fun At The Rodeo…Ye ha!

  1. A real rodeo is on my bucket list having lived my entire childhood fantasizing that I could be a cowgirl when I grew up (actually my cousin who grew up in Australia did become a Jillaroo which is the Ozzie term for a cowgirl) … perhaps when I come and annoy you in Florida I can join you and Beau for a second helping …. 🤠 🐮 🐴


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