It’s A Small World After All: Video #2

Hey All,

For those who haven’t seen the 1st blog in my international series of blogs,  recommend you go bsck to that one first, as it includes the background on why I am doing this series of blogs and who otchestrated this wonderful festival. That nlog has thevsame title as this one with  Video # 1 at the end of the title. 

Enjoy!  Gary

You will note that Beau and I became honorary members of the hindu faith that day and wore the symbol on our foreheads that entire day in courtesy to our Indian friends.

12 thoughts on “It’s A Small World After All: Video #2

  1. You were right …. I absolutely loved this – how did you know? The dance is mesmerizing, I find myself torn between her hands and feet and then her face and the wonderful braid of hair not to mention her gorgeous costume. You and Beau both look fabulous with your Bindi (coloured forehead dots) …. I can see you embraced the Hindi faith as well as it welcomed you both 🙏


    • Thanks Osyth. I like to embrace everyone’s culture whenevet possible. It signifies my acceptance of different beliefs and to remind me that despite differing beliefs and cultures, we are by right all human beings.


      • I just came off the phone with my husband and I mentioned your series of ‘Small World’ videos that are unfolding here. His remark ‘way to go … we need more like Gary’. If you meet hm, you will note that he is quite undemonstrative so this is a big statement!! Of course, I know you are one in a million but this series might make more see through your eyes the way to harmony is quite simple. Hugs and love my friend


  2. Beautiful lady, beautiful dance! Immersion in world cultures and embracing the diversity and richness of them is so gratifying – I am happy for you, Gary! And having a wonderful friend like Beau to share these experiences magnifies the excitement, I am sure!


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