It’s A Small World After All: Video # 4

Good evening everyone. Posting my 4th international video blog a bit early on Sunday evening. In the early morning I will be driving back to Coc oa Beach from Key West, FL where I have been the last few days visiting with friends of mine.  Won’t have time during my trip home to post.

Today’s video takes you to the Middle East region where the performers are displaying their beautiful tradtional clothing, music and dance. Enjoy the video and Pics! Gary

7 thoughts on “It’s A Small World After All: Video # 4

  1. P.S. Regardless, do make a stop at Gilbert’s on Key Largo – you’ll love it. It’s Old Florida all the way, and it’s on your way – you can’t miss it! While there, you might be able to meet Papa Alligator and Baby Alligator who live there. I’ve never met Papa, but saw Baby a couple of times. Also swam with dolphins and kayaked with manatees there. It’s more authentic than Key West’ it’s what Key West used to be when I first came to Florida 35 years ago.
    Have a safe trip!


    • Hey Dolly, Will try to Stop there briefly on the way back, but leaving at about 5AM. W on’t be comming driving thru south florida (south beach) this trip. Detouring around Miami via toll road around Homested to miss morning traffic (as I need to be home latef afternoon today) but do plan to be in south florida again in late march and will try to arrange a visit with you then. Gary

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      • Gary, if you are leaving Key West around 5 am, you’ll hit Gilbert’s around 7 am, just in time for a coffee break in a Tiki bar on the beach. They actually display the famous paddle without which, as we all know, you can’t go “up the s**** creek”!
        Have a safe trip and say Hi to Beau!


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