It’s A “Real” Small World Aftet All: Video # 6

In today’s post on my International Festival series, I changed the title slightly to include “Real Small” for obvious reasons.

This little girl which I will name a “Shirley Temple Wanna Be” again for obvous reasons, was an impromptu performer from the audience. She was just out there on the grassy area in front of the performers doing her own thing to the music. At times she would boldly go right on to the stage and try to be part of the act. No shyness with this child!

At times, it was a bit cumbersome to get good videos of the petformers, as she would get right in front of them. Either her parents were just too embarassed to claim het as their child or they just didn’t want to ruin the good time she was having.

I think that she just wanted me to include her as a featured act in my blog. What do you all think?

Have a great day and enjoy the video!

P.S. For those following my entire internatinal series, I have purposely skipped video # 5 for now. I will publish that one in a couple days which you will inderstand why when you see it.
Luv Gary

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