Meet Superman and Batwomen


Last Thursday I decided to attend happy hour at the Pineda Inn accross from the Bannana River here in the Cocoa Beach area. I hadn’t been here for a couple of months. While awaiting from my friend Beau to arrive, I came accross my old friend “Gosh” the parrot. He was dressed up in his superman outfit (complete with cape) ready to reach tall buildings with a single bound…We had alot of catching up to do. While “Gosh” was resting comfortably on my arm, I also came across “Batman”. I mean “Batwomen”. I did not know this women, but I thought it was only fitting to take a picture of both of these super heroes together. If was a great visit and I was so glad to see my old friend :Gosh” and I think he was happy to see me as well.

The visit with “Gosh” then ended somewhat abruptly. He quicly flew off on a mission — -to save the citizens of Cocoa Beach from the “Evil Crab” that came to destroy the city! 

Needless to say….it got pretty exciting and after the “Evil Crab” was destroyed by “Gosh” with the assistance of Batwomen, I neededa couple of stiff drinks to celebrate!

Have a great day. Bam,Bam — Zap, Zap!

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