I Have A Great Housing Deal for You!

Hey everyone, 

Happy Friday! As most of you knew, I took a drive down to Key West last weekend to visit my friends Jim and Josette. I stayed with them in their RV on Sigsbee Naval Base. I met Jim and Josette about 1 and 1/2 years ago when they were staying in the RV camp at Pensacola NAS where Terry & I initially lived. They also spent about 1 month in the RV park on Patrick AFB before relocating for the rest of the snowbird season to Key West. Jim and Josette are from Fort Worth, TX.

Jim and Josette were so kind to let me stay with them for a few days and took the time to show me around the Key West area, where I have never visited before.

Will include a few Pics for your enjoyment from my trip.

Had to stop and get a little ice cream since I was a bit hungry from walking around.

Will include some more videos and Pics from my trip sometime next week.

19 thoughts on “I Have A Great Housing Deal for You!

  1. I thought you couldn’t wait to get to the top of “The Whistle” and started stripping on the street! That’s ok, Gary; Hemingway did worse things to the bar downstairs, or so the local legend goes.


  2. You’re right there… wasted no time to get down to business. There was a monetary wager on this dare. So, I guess I’m catching up to Hemmingway! Ha Ha Gary


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