Tick Toc Tick Toc….The Time Is Near

Hey Everyone,

Can’t believe that my time at Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach, FL is nearly up. They only allow you to stay in the RV park here for 170 consecutive days. My 170th day is up on March 23 rd. So, like my mother always says about herself “I’m like a gypsie moving from place to place !” I guess this is now the same for me!

I will in the forthcomming weeks begin packing up my stuff in preparation for my relocation back to MacDill AFB in Tampa where I plan to stay again for the next 6 months.

On Mar 23rd my plan is to first move my RV into temporary storage on Patrick AFB and to just drive my truck (witbout my RV) to somewhere along the Florida coast to just spend a few days peacefully by myself reflecting on life.

Upon my return to Patrick AFB if there is no hotel space on the base (which seems to be very limited talking with the registration desk personel) then I will stay at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s house in the Orlando area for about 1 week thru the Easter weekend. Then on the Wed (4/4) after Easter, my brother Jan will once again help me to hookup my RV on Patrick AFB and will follow me for the 3 to 3 1/2 hour trip to Tampa. I really appreciate my brother’s help to do this with me because I just don’t feel comfortable trying to tow the RV by myself and getting it safely there without incident. Fifth wheels are a bit difficult to move which is further complicated for me because the back up turning radius is very limited when trying to get the RB into a parking spot because of the short rear truck bed that I have. Also, I still consider myself somewhat of a nobice in moving this thing, and I certainly don’t want the RV bubble to hit the rear glass of the truck again,  like it did before when we 1st got the RV in Dallas That mishap was a real disaster. Don’t need to go thru that stress again! 

The reason I am waiting for about a week and 1/2 before going to Tampa is because the park over there stays pretty full until early April until the snowbirds leave to ho back up north. By waiting just a bit longer I have a better chance of getting a decent RV parking spot there and my home can once again remain in place for another 6 months. Also, if I get there too early then I would have to leave there by mid Sept (when my 180 maximum stay is reached). I would rather leave Tampa back for Cocoa Beach not until early Octobe because if I came back here too early, it would result in me having to leave Patrick AFB in Cocoa Beach next year at the beginning of March which would make it much too early (by almost 1 full month). In early  March it was would be near to impossible to get a spot back in the RB park in Tampa. It gets a bit complicated because all the Airforce RV park rules for maximim lengths of stay and if making reservations is necessary or not varies. 

As I was returning back from the gym today. I was a little bit down knowing that I would be leaving all my local friends that I have made in this area over the past 6 monthd and would now be going back to Tampa, to start my life all over again….this time witbout Terry or Roxy. It will probably be a little rough at first (emotionally) but hopefully once settled there, I will do my best to reach out to local groups in the Tampa and Saint Pete area to make new friends there as well, so hopefully I won’t end up havmg to do things by myself, which I hate. The RV park there will be very quiet over the summer months as all the snow birds will be gone, but that’s okay, it will force me to get out and about and to explore the area in greater depth. This is something that I had only limited capability to do last year due to Terry’s poor heath and my need to be there for him 24/7 to get him to his many doctor visits, chemo treatments, procedures. hospital stays and to just ensure that I was able to keep him as comfortable as I possibly could and to make sure his spirits remained positive and hopeful  despite all his health struggles.

So, as I got home from the gym today, I was surprised to find a gift on my doorstep. It lifted my spirits somewhat. It was left there by one of my neighbors who would soon be departing the area. It was a gift left for me in gratitude for cutting their lawn here in the RV psrk each week when I would do mine. As you know from previous posts, I usually cut the lawns of all 6 of my nrighbors around me, it was just the neighborly thing to do and I enjoyed helping them out. The gift I got was a special bottle of Vodka, that you can only get in Key West, supposedly. That was so nice of them to think of me!. Terry used to love his vodka, so I will now have to drink this special vodka for the both of us, as I continue my RV adventures solo,  with Terry now only here with me in “Spirit”. Salute to you my dear friend, until we meet again!

Luv Gary

6 thoughts on “Tick Toc Tick Toc….The Time Is Near

  1. Oh Gary – time for moving again. Sounds like you have a good plan – taking some solitude time first – which will result in a better schedule going forward. Good thinking! I’m sure it will be hard to go back at first – but knowing you – you will be making friends and having fun before you know it. Take it a day at a time, and be good to yourself! Hugs!


  2. I hear you. I empathize. I know how hard all this moving is. Just when you are established with a good group of friends – off you have to go again. But it does sound as though you have got the cadence sorted in your head so that you can get the best results in both Tampa and Cocoa Beach. Planning, as ever, my friend – you are mighty good at it! I wish you painless packing up, safe travels, good time with your family and happy settling in Tampa. Take good care of you – it won’t be easy emotionally and you must let yourself feel what you feel and not push the sadness down but rather let it release like a butterfly and let Terry and Roxy watch over you and guide you home. X


  3. Can’t believe its been 6 months already….I feel your anxiety about going back without Terry and Roxy, but they are both with you in spirit and watching over you….safe journey, glad your brother is helping you again..xxkat


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