Tornado: Up and Close

Hey All,

For those of you in tornado-prone areas or just interested in what a tornado can do in a matter of minutes, this incredible video is a sober reminder to pay attention to warnings.  (But I don’t think following them around to obtain these clips is a healthy pursuit!)

Not sure when and where this tornado occurred at, but the video is the best I have ever seen.


Camera crews followed and shot these graphic scenes. The video clip is a compilation of several “takes”. It is awesome. 

National Geographic channel is believed to have paid $1 million for it.


10 thoughts on “Tornado: Up and Close

  1. A friend of ours is an expert on lightening and stormy phenomena. He spends time in Texas and Oklahoma each year ‘chasing storms’ (my husband accompanied him once and I can tell you I was not happy). Some of the tales he tells are terrifying. Particularly when he recants being with a group, taking a decision not to go nearer the storm and finding out an hour later that all five of those guys are now dead. You are so right – this stuff is not to be messed with. Nature is our most powerful friend and our greatest enemy. Thank you for this, Gary – the video is incredible.


  2. Oh MY!! This is so terrifying – yet so hard not to watch. It is amazing how targeted it can be taking out one house between two others. Those airplanes and semis just being sucked up in its power! And those people – brave or crazy? A little of both! Wow – I’m fascinated and also upset in my stomach watching this.


  3. Always good to listen to the tornado warnings – hopefully, people get them in time. We had a tornado come through my neighborhood when I lived in Indiana, and the sirens didn’t go off until after the tornado went through. Thankfully, no one got hurt (I can’t say the same for some nearby houses and a lot of trees).


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