A Special Request to My Fellow Bloggers







Hey All,

Tomorrow is my wonderful Mom’s 95th Birthday !

I introduced you to my Mom (Stacia) on many of the Blog’s that I wrote primarily in December when she was visiting with me here in Cocoa Beach for the Holidays.  My Mom is now back in the Fort Walton Beach area with my younger brother Randy.

I would love to surprise her with an influx of birthday wishes from you my blogger friends from all over the world.  My goal is to try to get as many birthday wishes that I can from my blogger friends from all over the world.  I wanted to get this message out to you a day early so hopefully I can get a bunch of responses of good wishes back to her from you all.

Tomorrow afternoon, I want to send this blog to my brother Randy so that he can share all your messages with her.  My Mom is that last one standing from her generation.  She has lost all her 6 siblings (many of them who were younger than her) as well as all her old friends in life. I know that your words of encouragement, good will and love would mean the world to her and that she would thoroughly enjoy reading your comments.

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to do this !

Luv, Gary




 Thanks everyone for posting Birthday wishes to my Mom on her 95th. She enjoyed reading your thoughful comments. Thanks again…

Photo of my Mom sent from my brother on her special day.





13 thoughts on “A Special Request to My Fellow Bloggers

  1. What beautiful photos! Happy Birthday, Stacia, I hope you have a lovely day. We are all so pleased to have met you via Gary’s blog. I hope there are lots of photos of you having a wonderful time, and of course, cake πŸŽ‚ My mum will be 88 in the summer. πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸΎπŸ‘‘πŸŒ·


  2. Happy Birthday Stacia! 95 wonderful years blessed with your presence on this earth! Thank you for your beautiful son, Gary too! Wishing you a wonderful day and year ahead. Hugs from Mars.


  3. Wszystkiego najlepszego, droga pani Stacia, z ΕΌyczeniami betha dla wielu innych w dobrym zdrowiu i szczΔ™Ε›ciu!
    Happy Birthday, dear Pani Stacia, with beth wishes for many more in good health and happiness!


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