I’m Craving Some Curry

Hey All, 

Really had a very busy weekend….the events did not stop till late Sunday evening. 

Already took you earlier to the Friday Fest activities in Mebourne, FL in my last post.

On Saturday, Beau and I attended the annual Indian festival in Brevard County. One of our friends from one of the Meetup groups we belong to was hosting this event and we wanted to support him and to be respective of his Indian background by attending It was an enjoyable event and I am going to share some photos with you from that festival in today’s blog. Enjoy!  Gary

8 thoughts on “I’m Craving Some Curry

  1. What a wonderful event …. I love the diversity of cultures you find in Florida … it really does seem to be that the melting pot is working there. And save me some curry – yum yum


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