See You Later Alligator In A While Crocodile! 

Hey All.

This post has nothing to do with crocodiles, but it has everything to do with Alligators! I just like this catchy phrase so that’s what I used as the title for this blog!

On this past Sunday morning Beau and I drove to a place (a restaurant) called “The Lone Cabbage” right on the Saint Johns River. Our mission today was to meet about 30 friends of ours from one of the meetup groups we belong to and to go out on Twister Boats to hunt for Alligators (no weapons of course!). I just wanted to wrestle with an Alligator or two to show who’s the boss and to check off another thing on my long bucket list. Each boat could hold 11 passengers, so the group had to go on several boats to accommodate us all. We saw about 25 Alligators in all throughout the trip and fortunately we all made it back successfully with all  legs and arms in tact! The photos and other videos that I will try to incorporate in this post tells it all! As they say…pictures speak a thousand words! Enjoy the show! Luv, Gary

Hey all… Had several other videos that I wanted to incorporate but they were much too long to upload. At least I got one to download of me making the $100 wager to wrestle the largest of all Alligators and the other is a short video of Beau having a good time enjoying the music and food back in the restaurant after our adventure. Don’t worry….the day didn’t end here. I have another item that I got to check off my bucket list that afternoon, but I will save that blog for tomorrow. Any guesses?

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