BW ! What Is This ?

BW=”Bike Week” in Daytona Beach, Florida! This is an annual event.

After wrestling with Alligators on Sunday morning, Beau and I decided to take a drive up to north to New Smyrna Beach (about a 45 minute drive from where we were at) with plans to check out a car show. After arriving there, we were surprised to find out that the car show was canceled! So we decided to pick up one of our friends (Dan who lives in that local area and who is a retired police officer) and the 3 of us decided to drivr about 45 minutes north to Daytona Beach to check out Bike Week. Fortunately, Dan knows the area very well. I was excited about taking this impromtu trip as I have never experienced this event and it was a chance to check off another item on my bucket list!

Bike Week started on that past Thursday, so Sunday was the 4th day of this annual event. Bike Week is still on-going thru this comming weekend. Friday’s and Saturday’s are probably the craziest, but from what I saw on this past Sunday, there was still alot of people at the evrnt and plenty of interesting things going on to keep me amused.

Bikers come from all over the world for this annual event. Contrary to what people might think, for the most part bikers are very docile people and come from all walks of life. They are lawyers, doctors, teachers, corporate CEO’s, artists, engineers, housewives, clergy and also biker “wanna-a-bees” (see first photo below)! It is a hobby for many of these folks and a way to get away from the normal stresses of life and to bond with folks with similar interests. 

Yes, being it was Sunday, you even have groups of bikers who attend church services and do good things for the community as seen on the sign below.

Pretty extravagant bikes!

The bar below is a Biker Week landmark, so I took a photo to document that I was there!

An iconic photo!

Okay…for you bloggers who don’t want to see a few select photos I am attaching below…Close your eyes and look no further! The photos are a bit riske’ but I wouldn’t fully be able to give you the chance of experiencing “Bike Week” if I didn’t include just a few of these. Hope nobody is offended.

You are probably wondering what this pretty kitty in the last photo has to do with Bike Week. Actually nothing! I just saw it as we were walking back to our car to depart for home and I couldn’t resist taking the photo! So cute!

This officially ends this past weekend of marathon events that we attended.

There’s always this comming weekend to keep me amused and to keep the momentum goinh. Stand by for future blogs!

Have a great evening!

Luv; Gary

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