What Month Is This? Too Many Winters in Florida! Let’s go to Tiffany’s!

Hey All,

I know this is a crazy title for this blog, but Florida is a crazy place. I constantly forget what month it is down here since the weather is so temperate that often times in the middle of winter I get confused and think it’s the middle of summer. When temperatures are in the mid 80’s in January thru March, it’s hard to think about snowy cold winter weather! 

To make this even more confusing… around the Orlando area there are so many cities that begin with “Winter!” There’s Winter Park, Winter Springs, Winter Haven, Winter Garden, Winter Beach. I often mix these cities up. Way too confusing for my simple mind. Then there’s a town called “Christmas” around here as well, but that’s another story!

Okay, so what the heck is this blog about? On Sunday, March 18th Beau and I decided to meet up with my brother Jan and my sister-in-law Gail and go to go to brunch. They live in Oviedo which is about 20 minutes northeast of Orlando and about an hour and 10 minutes drive from Cocoa Beach. After brunch, we all went to Winter Park where there was an on-going arts festival occuring. The day was beautiful, sunny and the temperature was ideal.

While in that area, Beau mentioned that the Morse Museum that day was open to the public and the admission was Free! Who doesn’t like free stuff. So we took a little side trip to explore this wonderful museum.

Below is a brief description of the Morse Museum:

The Morse Museum is known internstionally for its collection of work by American artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1833). Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, curator of American decorative arts at the Metropolotan Musuem of Art, has called it “the most comprehensive and the most interesting collection of Tiffany anywhere.”

I have included a selec number of the wonderful pieces of art in that museum for your enjoyment, as well as several outdoor photos from the arts festival.

All in all a wonderful day spent!

Luv, Gary

6 thoughts on “What Month Is This? Too Many Winters in Florida! Let’s go to Tiffany’s!

  1. I am right there with you in forgetting what month it is, heck it feels like the summers in California, crazy, I keep thinking we are heading into fall LOL guess the joke is on me! We are already in the high 90’s!! I also can’t keep up on what day it is either, LOL


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