I Picked The Right Day to Workout At The Gym!

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Hey All

Getting back into the routine of things over here at MacDill Air Force Base.  T am trying to get to the MacDill Gymnasium on a regular basis.  Since arriving back to the RV park here on Friday, I have gone to the gym every day except for Monday (long story why I didn’t go that day…will explain why another post).  My goal is to do a workout at least 6 out of 7 days each week.

Today after finishing my workout as I came to the main lobby to my surprise there was all kinds of complementary food and drink.  So, for one who likes free stuff, I went ahead and tried everything.  Apparently, the new health bar/bistro had just been renovated in the gym and they were promoting their new place and letting the patrons sample some of the new items that they will be selling.

Of course, my favorite dish was the cake (I had two large end pieces!). Unfortunately, that item won’t be on their menu.  I felt a little bit guilty about eating two pieces, but the cake did have fruit on it and I deserved it since I just worked out!  That’s how I justify eating junk food.  Okay…I’m weak!!  No will-power.  What can I say!

Luv, Gary


20 thoughts on “I Picked The Right Day to Workout At The Gym!

  1. Thanks for posting. I feel some much better about all of you eating so much at the workout and on the base. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am not doing so bad. To coin a phrase with my diet and will power. Enjoy the cake. You live once.


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