Let’s Speak Spanglish!

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick blog from sunny Florida.

Sorry…The video today is not the best as I didn’t have time to edit it or to do another one last night.

Went to my first of what I hope to be many meetups social groups that I plan to get actively involved with in the Tampa / Saint Petersburg, Florida area.

Last night I attended the Spanglish meetup group. It is made up of a group of folks from all over the world that desire to converse in Spanish as a way to improve their language skills. Thought it would be a good way to brush up on my Spanish.

The people I met from last night’s event were from different parts of the world to include Columbia, Spain, Argentina, and even one girl was even from Revere Beach, Massachusetts (about 15 minutes from where I grew up). The organizer (host) from last night’s event was actually a pharmacist.  My old profession. There was even a guy on active duty from the Coast Guard and another guy who works for the Department of Defense right here on MacDill AFB. What a small world ! So i can relate to many of these different folks.

These different meetup groups will be an excellent way for me to continue to meet and to make new friends while residing for the next 6 months on the west side of Florida.

Have a great weekend. Happy Easter!

Luv, Gary

13 thoughts on “Let’s Speak Spanglish!

  1. Hola Gary! I’m so proud of you for throwing yourself straight into meet ups to get yourself out there again. I’m going to be looking to you for guidance when I arrive in you know where during the month of April. Je te souhaite une très bonne Pâques and I hope the Easter Bunny AND the Cloches des Pâques bring you treats be they chocolates or messages from Terry and Roxy up on high x


    • Thanks Osyth. Sorry for my slow response. Actually drove back to Orlando from Tampa on Friday to spend the weekend with my brother Jan and his wife Gail. Wanted to also give my brother some help with a few things his was trying to do around his house, especially since he helped me with the move the week prior. Also attended a festive event back in Melbourne on Saturday with one of my old groups from there. Just posted a new blog last night about it that I think you will enjoy. Happy Easter to you too!!

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    • I know. It seems that this happens so often. That’s what my career in the Army did I guess. I always feel that if I can find something to link myself to another, it helps to build a bond and makes one feel welcome or emphasizes that I think they are special in some way as we have something in common.

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