Parachuting Bunnies – Happy Easter!

Hey All, This post will include a lot of photos and hopefully a few short videos I took on Saturday afternoon from a Trailblazer pre-Easter Meetup Group party I attended in Melbourne, FL. This is an annual event and a group favorite!

You are all probably wondering and probably a bit confused? Thought Gary sent a blog to us last week indicating that he moved back to Tampa? What’s he doing back in Melbourne? 

Let me clear this up for you.  Yes, I did relocate to Tampa last week, however on Friday morning I decided to jump into my truck and to drive back to Orlando to my older brother’s house (about a two hour drive). I wanted to help him with doing a few projects around his house. I figured this was the least I could do since he helped me out tremendously with my move the week prior. 

On Saturday afternoon, I then drove back to Melbourne (about a one hour drive) from my brother’s to attend this annual Easter party with my Trailblazer friends. Judy, the party host has a fabulous house and beautiful well-manicured grounds.  I know she put in alot of time and effort in preparing for this wonderful event.

Now I am  back in Orlando on Saturday evening at my brother and sister in law’s house. Will do Easter dinner here (Beau will drive out here to join us) and then it’s back for me west to Tampa on late Sunday evening snd Beau driving back east to Melbourne.

Enjoy all the festive pictures and Happy Easter !!


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