Easter Sunday 

Hello everyone, 

Had a nice Easter at my brother Jan’s and sister-in-law Gail’s home in Orlando. Beau drove here from Melbourne to spend the day with us. In the early evening I drove back west to Tampa and Beau traveled back east to Melbourne. Including a few photos from Easter for your enjoyment.

Even my Dad Stan and Terry came in spirit via these ducks in the backyard to spend some time with us. We feed them some rolls from dinner which they thoroughly enjoyed. However no scotch for Dad or vodka for Terry as we didn’t want them to fly away intoxicated! Sorry guys!

The Easter basket below was given to me by Beau. She knows I love my sweets! So thoughtful of her. Beau also brought some beautiful flowers for Jan & Gail and a carrot cake for all of us to enjoy. Thank you Beau!

Have a great week!

Luv Gary

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