Happy 58th Birthday Terry !

Exactly 58 years ago today, a women named Mary gave birth to beautiful twins named Sherry & Terry.

On Easter Sunday just 3 years ago, Sherry and Terry were fortunate to celebrate their 55th birthday together in Midland.  That day was slightly interrupted because that was the same day that our dog Roxy what hit by a car.

Exacty 1 year ago, Terry and I relocated to Tampa, FL from Pensacola Florida so that Terry could obtain higher level medical treatment from Moffit Cancer Center.  On that very day we settled into lot # 57 in celebration of Terry’s 57th birthday.

After undergoing many medical procedures and a lot of discomfort from the progression of his cancer, followed by visits last summer from all his immediate family, Terry continued to become so weak and to developed so many complications with his illness and as a result on September 1, 2017 he took his last breath while sitting peacefully in our RV and then went directly to heaven.

As you all know, a few weeks ago I left Cocoa Beach, FL and returned back to MacDill AFB in Tampa. Upon my arrival, I chose spot # 58 to honor Terry’s upcomming  birthday. This location was just one spot to the left of where we parked our RV last year on Terry’s 57th birthday.

Upon returning to the RV park, I was comforted to see beautiful flowers proudly displayed on spot # 57 which I now consider to be “sacred” grounds.”

The tenants there have been away since my arrival here. To honor Terry, I faithfully watered their flowers while they were away to keep them vibrant. I know that Terry would have wanted me to do this.

When the tenants returned and after briefly meeting them yesterday, to my surprise, the “guys” Ron and Ryan” have been together for many years and got married about 1 year ago. They have been in spot # 57 ever since last October when I orignally left. What a coincedence…spot #57 is certainly a special place!

The day after my return and before even changing my mailing address, I received a card via general mail that ironically was from the mortuary that I used to carry out Terry’s wishes.  It’s as though they knew that I was returning here that very day and wanted to bring me some comfort.

This morning on Terry’s and his twin sister Sherry’s birthday I was surprised to discover that  4 baby birds were born in a nest in the hitch on my RV!  The birds built this nest while I was away in the Orlando Florida area last week for Easter. This was so special and brought me great joy!  I truly  believe that it was a miracle from God and special gift given to me from Terry.  He knew that this day would be tough for me and wanted me to have new friends around and tenants to share my home with so that I would not feel alone.

I miss and will love you always my dear Terry.  What a difference a year makes. Now both Terry and Roxy are only here in spirit and forever in my heart.

Luv, Gary




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14 thoughts on “Happy 58th Birthday Terry !

  1. When the universe converges this way, is there any doubt there’s a higher power? The sadness here was in contrast to the message of hope and community, and that part lifted my heart. So glad I came back here today after being away far too long.

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  2. This just moved me to tears, Gary. How wonderful that another couple have looked after your flowers – it must have been a magical moment to meet them. Baby birds, too! Terry is certainly giving you so many signs that he loves you. Happy Birthday Terry and a great big hug to you, Gary. ❤️

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  3. This is our area of Tampa. I am sorry for your loss. Terry faithfully followed my site while our store was open (across from Mel’s HotDogs). My husband is doing well as his cancer was discovered early and his immune system is very strong. I am glad to see you are carrying on successfully. I can imagine how challenging it would be for me to continue on my own. Best wishes.


    • Thanks for your kind comments and so glad that your husband is doing well. I will need to check out your blog site. I am still not all that knowlegable as Terry was in how to follow other peoples blogs. From your message sounds like your store is now closed? You indicated you are in this area of South Tampa. I love going out the back gate of MacDill and peddling my bike down Bayshore. Such a beautiful area.

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      • Yes, Gary. Our store closed in December 2015. We are in Temple Terrace, a small city in the North East of Tampa. Bayshore is beautiful but a bit of a trip in traffic: 40 minutes or more.


  4. I had been thinking about Terry a lot this week – I must have subconsciously remembered it was his birthday this week, even though I didn’t consciously remember it.

    I love that Terry sent you birds – it’s so appropriate. And I’m thinking he may have had a hand in your neighbors next door as well. It always warms my heart to know he is keeping an eye out for you.


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