“No Filter” 

20180405_203558736970548.jpgI know, you are probably wondering what the heck is “No Filter”? It was the name of an awesone band that I heard on this past Thursday evening.  I decided to take a drive from Tampa to Saint Petersburg Beach that evening to link up with one of my new meetup groups called Tampa Bay Adventurers. We met at a really cool and lively bar & restaurant called “Jimmy B’s” which was right on the beach!

There were about 80 group members in attendance and we all danced the night away. The band had so much high energy and they transitioned so seemlesly from one popular dance song  to the next and were none stop (no breaks) for 2 1/2 hours. 

Besides the main video, I am going to try to download a couple of real short video clips to give you more of a glimps of this bans, but truly these videos really don’t do this great band much justice. They really are much better to experience in person!

Have  great day !





What fun!  GARY

21 thoughts on ““No Filter” 

    • Me too!! I love going to all these different events and meeting so many new local friends to hang out with. It has been so easy for me to connect with everyone. Keeps me upbeat (despite many moments of sadness, usually when alone and have time to think about the past). I wish Terry had been well after we left Dallss and could have experienced all these other things that life has to offer. It was such a reliecf to have broken away from our day to day domestic life in the big house we had in Dallas. We spent way too much time staying at home doing house projects and too often found excuses and being too tired for not doing other fun things. This could have bern his chance to make a dramatic social change if life didn’t take a toll on him at such a young age.

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