Off Kilter



Another catchy title for my blog today. Although I might have gotten a little bit off kilter myself before the night was through, “Off Kilter” is actually the name of the main band that performed this Friday evening at the Scottish festival in Dunedin,FL.

Dunedn, FL is a cool old Florida town, just north of Clearwater and is about an hour’s drive from my current location on MacDill AFB in Tampa. The name comes from zDun Eldeann, the Scottish Haelic name from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Dunedin is known also for being the first area to develop and to package frozen juice concentrate. Around the center of town, there are so many quaint stores, unique restaurants and some great bars to hang out at.

I got a text mid-day Friday from “Ed” one of the new friends that I met the night before when I attended my first meetup function in Saint Petersburg Beach with a group called Tampa Bay Adventurers (see yesterday’s post).

Ed invited me to attend the annual Scottish festival in Dunedin in conjunction with some of his friends that were going to attend as well. Since I didn’t have any definitive plans set for that evening, I figured I’d go since it was another chance to explore a different location in this area and to meet some more people.

To my surprise, the drive was well worth it! This event was bigger than I thought. The video that I’ve posted to this blog really doesn’t portray just how great this band “Off Kilter” was! They were able to play every style of music (jazz, rock & roll, current musical hits, etc;) and not just the typical Scottish bagpipe melodies you normally here. The lead singer had a phenomenal voice and the spirit of the crowds was tremendous.

Have a wonderful week. Luv Gary



Some of my new friends above that I hung out with at this festival.  They were all real nice.  In fact, I am going kayaking next weekend with the girl closest to me in the photo.  The Tampa Bay adventurers is having an outing and Ed, who can’t go was so gracious to loan me his kayak for that event.









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