Lickin’s and A Beer and Terry !

Hey All,

You know the old phrase … What came first, the chicken or the egg ?

Well, my question to you now is what came first, the few microbrews I had or the lickin’s from this cute little doggie who also joined us in this bar. I think you know the answer from the video what came first…. Beer or the Lickins? Ha, Ha! Now….here’s the irony of the dog who seemed to bond with me. When I asked the owner (who was not actually part of our group but who was just sitting at the bar) what her dog’s name was…I became speechless when she said Terry! OMG!!

These things that have been happening lately are becomming so coincidental. Terry seems to be showing up in some form or another these days. So grateful for these spiritual moments!

Okay now on with what lead me to this drinking establishment.

So, early last evening I went to a place called “Hidden Springs Ale Works” in downtown Tampa and met up with a brand new meetup group just established called “Brew City Connections”. So all 20 or so of us that showed up were all newbee’s.

Most of these folks live the urban lifestyle in the heart of the city of Tampa. Most were transplants who have been living here for a while, but originally from all over the U.S.A. Two couples were from Michigan, one guy from Manhattan, NY, one from San Diego, one from Chicago, one from Maryland and yes…even another one besides me, from Massachusettes! There were others that stopped by as well, but didn’t catch where they originally came from. A few were in the medical field and most of the others were in marketing or real estate. Will be useful to me if I ever decide to settle down in this area and need to find the right area to buy in. Of course way too premature. However, was nice chatting with eveyone over a few microbrews and they seemed to have alot of knowledge about many places in and around the surrounding central area of Tampa, so I learned new cool things from them and from my excursions thus far, I shared the new stuff that I have learned about the area as well. Good friendly conversation.

This group will meet again within the next few weeks at another local brewery somewhere, place and date yet to be determined. Providing no scheduling conflict, I most likely will attend the next meetup with this group to continue the new friendships.

Have a great rest of your week.


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