Sailing on Tampa Bay ! Life Doesn’t Get Better Than This !”

Hey All,

You are in for a real treat today! Did my first sailing excursion on the Tampa Bay on Thursday evening. If you recall from my blog the other day at the pot luck I attended, I mentioned that I met a girl who told me about this hidden secret that many people don’t know about.

Every Thursday at the Davis Island Yacht Club you can show up at about 5:30 PM and participate in a sail boat race on the Tampa Bay. It is fully complimentary and you get introduced by the Yacht Club host to one of the sail boat crews and you them tag along as one of the guest crewmembers, even though you don’t end up having to do much, but you get to observe how things are done by the experienced crews and of couse if they need a hand, you are there to assist naturally. On my sail boat last night we had about 20 people of which about 12 were dedicated crewmembers and the rest of us were guests. What fun and totally free.

The great thing is that this yacht club is only about a 25 minute drive from my place at MacDill AFB and I am welcome to participate every Thursday if I want. What a great deal!

I went thru all the pictures I took and eliminated some of them, but I took so many good ones, so I will be posting many of them here in this blog today for your enjoyment.

Also, while sailing I captured a couple dolphins swimming around the bay. When we returned back to the dock, the crew even offered us a few tropical rum drinks and to hang around with them a bit. It doesn’t get better than this. Got back home around 10:30 PM. What a great night!!!

Have a great weekend!

Luv Gary

20 thoughts on “Sailing on Tampa Bay ! Life Doesn’t Get Better Than This !”

  1. beautiful Gary!!!! It was a wonderful gorgeous day here today! 84 degrees and sunshine and my granddaughter and now work. I start a new job 4/23, so one more week of play. It snowed a few days ago, and today I got pink skin from the sun.


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