70 RT = A Challenge or Total Insanity

On Friday afternoon at about 4:30 PM I decided that I would go to Saint Perterburg Beach and meet up with a group of folks for Happy Hour. I met with that group last week and they do this every Friday afternoon.

However, this time, instead of just getting in my Truck for the one hour drive in rush hour traffic, I just decided at the ladt moment to jump on my bike and pedal there instead. About a 3 hour bike ride and 35 miles one way. I know a bit crazy.

So, I got there around 7:30 PM and hung out with the gang until about 9:30 PM.

Then reality sunk in…..I have to bicycle back home another 35 miles and 3 hours. Of course when I left home, it was sunny, not thinking that the return trip would be in darkness witb no blinking reflectors to guide me and to warn traffic that I was peddling very close to them. The worst area was over the Gandy Bridge from St Pete bsck into Tampa. Very little space between me and the cars! No bike lane. The ride gave me a different perspective of the bay at night. As I looked over the bridge railing I saw alot of birds flying around and darting into the water to catch an evening snack. There were also alot of fishermen in boats below the bridge catching there evening fish. Interesting that there was one white bird to the right of me thst seemed to be guiding me by flying along side me accross the entire length of this large bridge. I thought, could it be Terry ensuring my safety? Who knows? Bottom line is I made it home at abot 12:30 AM without incident. A Challenge complete or pure insanity! You vote!

I think next week for Happy Hour, I’ll take my Truck. Ha Ha!

Luv, Gary

P.S. Sorry for the quality of my brief video. The traffic was insane and hard to stop in the middle of it all to film!

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