(7 x 25)+67=8

Hey All,

You are probably wondering, does Gary have a clue at doing math calculations? How can the above numbers to the left of the equal sign result in the number “8” to the right of the equal sign ? For your info, in my younger days I was a mathematical wizard.

Remember that I told you in another recent post that I have been bicycling about 25 miles round trip almost daily and that last Friday afternoon I did a very long round trip bike ride from MacDill AFB in south Tampa to St Petersburg Beach, FL (actually equaling 67 miles) to challenge myself and to meet up with a meetup group for Happy Hour. This long bike ride and the 7 X 25 mile daily round trips equated to a total of 242 miles of bicycle riding in just 8 days! Surprisingly, I really didn’t’ have any significant aftermath hurt in my legs from doing all those miles!  This amazes me in that I have just started bike riding in the beginning of April and prior to that, I thnk I may hve only bicycled about 5 times in the last 15 years. As you all know I am very consistent in going to the gym ever since I was about 15 years old, so I guess I am in some sort of decent physical shape, despite a few health issues that have developed lately.

The number “8” to the right of the equal sign does not actually relate to the last 8 days of bike riding. It actually refers to my 8 month anniversary of blogging and more importantly 8 months since Terry left this earth and went directly to heaven on September 1st.   If you add up all the days in the last 8 months it coincidentally equates to exhactly 242 days since Terry’s passed away as of 1 May.  So there my equation above was correct, except that it was an apples to orange comparison (miles traveled by bike) verses (number of days that have passed since September 1st).

Although the long amounts of bike riding have not hurt my legs, the 242 days that have now past without Terry physically here with me, continues to break my heart each and every day. He remains constantly in my mind.

As I ride my bicycle each day from the MacDill airforce base to the long stretch along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, I have really enjoyed the scenery and the wonders of nature along the bay. However, I realized yesterday that during my return trips of 12.5 miles while enroute back to the base, I subcontinously think about Terry and continually think back to our 16 years of life together (both in the good times and in the more difficult times while Terry was suffering with his cancer). These memories that all that has happend with Terry constantly brings tears to my eyes while along my bike trip home, especially knowing that when my ride is finished, I am returning back to an empty RV (no Terry or Roxy physically with me anymore). It really hasn’t got much easier dealing with the loss, despite my many attempts to get out and about with all my meetup groupsso as  to remain busy and to try to move forward in life. However, I must admit that a day doesn’t go by that I revert back to my saddness and depression when I return back home to an empty space. It still seems so surreal to me and hard to accept that Terry (and Roxy too) have actually departed this earth in the last 8 months. but hopefully for a better place.

Howevwr, there is one bright spot to all of this. Remember in a former post I told you of the 4 baby birds that were born on Terry’s birthday of 4/5/18 in the crevice of my RV hitch. About a week after their birth, I sprinkled a very small amount of Terry’s ashes on the nest when the Mama and Papa birds were away so as to bring them good luck in their health with hopes that someday they will leave the nest and possibly fly by your homes someday carrying Terry’s spirit with them.  As of this date today, three of the baby birds have flown the coupe, however one seems to just want to stick around and stay with me and his Mama. I have named him “Terry Jr”.  I actually look forward to seeing him each day on my return trips back home after my bike ride.  In some ways I feel Terry’s spirit is within this baby bird, who seems to be just comfortable living in that little space. It beings me comfort knowing that “Terry Jr” wants to continue sticking around to provide me some joy.  Thank you “Terry” for bringing me this special gift.

Luv Gary

7 thoughts on “(7 x 25)+67=8

  1. Gary, I haven’t dropped by in a few days, but this brought both tears and joy to my day. I don’t know how eight months have passed. So many things I see remind me of Terry. Sometimes it’s surprising – like yesterday, I pulled out yellow napkins to use for supper and was reminded that it was Terry’s favorite color. Hearing about these birds is a real treat and comfort, as I am sure it is to you. As always, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Has it already been 8 months?! I hope the baby bird sent, undoubtedly, as a gift from your (and ours!) beloved Terry will continue growing in good health and bringing you consolation. Many blessings to you, Gary!


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