The Ugly Duckling


Hey All,

Sorry haven’t blogged much these past few weeks. Been a bit down due to some recent health issues I’ve been dealing with as well as I have been thinking about Terry a lot and how much I miss his presence.

Haven’t done as much socializing via my meetup groups lately, but I promise I will eventually post about the ones I have done in the next few weeks.

One of the health issues I’m presently dealing with is a lot of pre-cancerous actvity and dermatosis especially on my legs and some on my arms and hands. The dermatologist went crazy on me a few weeks ago with her liquid nitrogen which I think made things worse. The healing of my sores have not gone well and they are cacky, white and itchy all the time and really stand out on my dark skin, making me self-contious especially when I want to go out in shorts. I am trying to get this under control by using a lot of moisturizers, creams, ointments, vitamin E, etc; but they just won’t go away. I go back to the dematologist this Friday and I am sure she will want to hit all these spots again with the liquid nitrogen which I am sure will add to the trauma. I hate this!  Not the best time of year to do this and I am supposed to be leaving for Key West in a few weeks for 5 days with one of my groups from thee Cocoa beach, Melbourne area.  If these don’t get better soon, I will not have a good time while there.

You know, I love the sunshine and while it causes me issues with the potential for skin cancer, the sun does on the other hand help me tremendously with my psoriasis flare ups. So, kind of a dilemna for me.  The sun helps me in one area but hurts me in another. I admit, I tend to make the sores on my legs worse, because I am always picking at them because they are always so flaky and itchy, which inhbits their healing and makes them worse. It has become a vicious cycle for me.

Now I require alot of high maintenance just to go out as I must try to cover up all the  blotches with moisturizers and tints so they aren’t so noticeable especially on my dark skin.  This is so time consuming and frustrating.

I hope this clears up soon, so I can feel more comfortable to do things again in shorts as the weather here is becoming extremely hot and I want to enjoy the summer and not have to deal with all this.

Oh well.  Hopefully I will get through this.


13 thoughts on “The Ugly Duckling

  1. I am sorry about these health issues which must be doubly frightening for you. No-one can keep up the pace of recovery from grief that you have set yourself. Setbacks are bound to occur. And I do very much appreciate your comments on my posts


  2. Oh, that looks sore Gary. So sorry you have been feeling low. I have been too but for a different reason. How about some loose linen pants until your legs clear up? The sunshine will still get through the material. My husband struggles with terrible dermatitis and was once hospitalized with a head to toe outbreak. Sending you a kiss. 💋


  3. Gary, I am so sorry to read this – I can’t imagine how hard this is for you. Just follow doctors orders for a while and all shall be well. Sending you so many hugs from Massachusetts where I landed on 25th April. Finally back stateside and a girl with a mission to chase down the friends I want to meet. Which includes you at the head of the queue xx


    • Thanks Osyth. So glad to hear from you! All will be well in good time. Saw the doctors again on Friday for one of my issues concerning the skin irritations. They took a couple of biopsies for suspect cancer and injected a couple of the other sites with a steroid to slow down the ketosis. I go back there in a few more weeks to get results of the biopsies and future treatments. Beau visited with me here in Tampa this past weekend and we had a blast. She also brought me some makeup to use to help me to disguise some of the blemishes when I go out. The spots are more noticeable to me than they are to others Just posted one of two blogs about this past weekend’s events during Beau’s visit with some photos and videos. Will do the second blog on Tuesday or Wednesday with more Pics. So glad you made it safely to Massachusetts. I bet you are happy to finally be here and to be with your hubby!

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      • I am SO happy to read that Beau made it to Tampa for the weekend. She is such a good friend to you and exactly the tonic you need for your health issues. Good on her for bringing the special make-up. Even though it is much less noticeable to others, you are bound to feel self-conscious …. I had a zit on my forehead recently and as much as my husband and daughter who was staying with me told me it was barely there I felt as though I resembled a unicorn and not in a good way! It is SO good to be together, Gary …I count my blessings every day and remind myself that as hard as it is so many, including you, have it so much harder than we did.


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