Celebrating The Pink Moon on Maderia Beach with The Tampa Bay Adventures.

Hey All,

So sorry but due to my on-going health issues (some of which I have already posted and some other physical health problems which are being evaluated and just too personal to discuss right now) I have just not had the drive this week to post many blogs or to read and comment yet on yours, but I will eventually catch up.

A few weeks ago I met up on Maderia Beach with a new meetup group called Tampa Bay Adventurers. It was a beautiful Saturday evening and we had about 150 in attendance. A few people brought their guitars and so we just socialized, drank a bit and sang along with the guitar players. A really nice time with a great group of folks.

Including a bunch of photos. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Celebrating The Pink Moon on Maderia Beach with The Tampa Bay Adventures.

  1. That does look like a wonderful, relaxed gathering in a very beautiful place. Please don’t feel you need to discuss or share your health issues unless you want to. No-one, and I know I speak for all, wants you to feel anything but comfortable with what you share. Whatever the issues I send you hugs and all the comfort I have to share (which is all the comfort I have) and my hope that you are having more good days than challenging ones x


    • Yes Osyth. This event was wonderful. The people in the groups I am meeting are all so nice. I will be okay (health wise) in good time and with further treatments along the way, concerning my skin irritations. The other issue is a bit more personal in nature (not necessarily life threatening) but will take the doctor’s some time to correct as they are trying to treat me conservatively with hopes of avoiding a possible future surgery to correct. Thanks for your kind comments.

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      • You will always be in my thoughts but more so with the health issues you have. I am certain your doctors will do their very best to avoid invasive surgery and I will keep sending that positive energy down the coast to Florida. And hugs. Always hugs for you, my friend.


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