Marathon Weekend–“Beau” Came To Visit Me in Tampa! (Post 1 of 2)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have not posted a blog for awhile. No real excuse, I guess I just needed a little break while dealing with some of my on-going health issues.

On Thursday afternoon of this past week Beau came to visit me in Tampa for the weekend.

We were on the go from the minute she arrived on Thursday afternoon right up until Sunday morning when she left for her return trip home.

On Thurday evening I took her sailing on the Tampa Bay. On Friday early morning Beau accompanied me to the Veterans Administration Hospital for some early morning medical appointments. This was followed by a unique lunch, a trip to the Hardrock Casino, an evening with a meetup group in Saint Petersburg at a micro brewery, followed by a late evening Mexican meal. On Saturday we attended the MacDill Airfest Show during the daytime and then had an evening of fun with another one of my meetup groups where we participated in wonderful “Art Walk” excursion in Saint Petersburg. This was followed by dancing the rest of the night away at a popular establishment until almost 3 AM, yes ….3 AM ! Haven’t done that in awhile !

Hard to include all the Pics and videos in just one blog, so I’ll concentrate here on just posting some photos and short videos clips from our Thursday night sailing excursion. Will post more Pics and videos of some of other stuff we did from the weekend in a follow-on post probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have a great night!




11 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend–“Beau” Came To Visit Me in Tampa! (Post 1 of 2)

  1. Oooh! Such fun you all had! Love the clip of Beau steering the boat and the captain asking how many souls on board (you respond with a classic remark about counting the beers!). It’s great to see that you had such a relaxed and chilled time with great people and finally I must shout for the fellow dancing on the prow …. nifty nimple footwork and great rhythm 🙂

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  2. While I am concerned about your health, Gary, I am so glad to see you having a good time! Nothing like sailing, is there? Especially with a good friend like Beau and a bunch of happy people around!


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