Marathon Weekend-“Beau” Came to Visit Me in Tampa-Post 2 of 2

20180415_022454_001409155432.jpgHey All,

As promised, this is the continuation of my Marathon weekend with “Beau”. Already covered the Sailing adventure on Tampa Bay in my Post yesterday (See Post 1 of 2 with the same title as above).

In today’s post I will try to cover the rest of the weelend’s events.

Early on Friday morning, “Beau” took a trip with me to the Tampa VA Hospital. I had an appointment with my Dermatologist to see how things were progressing with my “Ugly Duckling” legs.

I had two large spots on my lower left leg that the Dermatologist decided to do a biopsy on as they looked like they could be cancer. So now I have two big holes in that leg that need to heal as I await those results. The dermatologist also injected several spots with a steroid to see it that would minimize my irritation in some of those areas. Cordran Tape was also prescribed for me. The intent is to cut small pieces of the tape that contain a slow releasing steroid and to place those pieces of tape every 12 hours over several of my problem spots. The tape will hopefully help to hopefully soften and stop the growth and development of rough skin in some of my problem areas. “Beau” also showed me a technique in the interim that she uses to cover up some of the shite spots so that my legs will look somewhat normal when I go out. She even brought for me a tube of dark tan makeup that I can use and demonstrated for me how well this works for her. (She had a minor accident the week before and sent me some pictures” earlier that week to show me how this stuff works wonders.

Wow, I have become so “High Maintenance !” I have follow-on appointment with my dermatologist in 1 month. We will see were I am at that time.

After my Dermatology appointment, I had an Optometry Appointment where I ended up being prescribed near-sited and far-sited glasses. “Beau” and I had fun picking out just the right glass frames for me and since she thought they looked so good on me, she decided to get a matching pair!

After these medical appointments it was time for lunch and “Beau” said that she wanted to treat me to lunch at one of her favorite eating establishments. What an unusual lunch. We went to the Deli in the Public’s Grocery Store where we got one of their large signature submarines with all the toppings and a couple of cold drinks. We then went outside and ate our meal right in the parking lot of the grocery store on the back door of my truck bed. It was a tailgate lunch and we had so much fun doing this !

Next we went to the Hard Rock Casino where “Beau” and I gambled for a total of 5 hours. We pooled our funds and worked as a team on the slot machines. We decided that either we would go home collectively as winners or go home as losers. To my surprise…we actually finished up as “winners !” We won a total of about $ 100 ! What a nice change for me, as I usually lose my money at the casino!

After the Casino we drove to Saint Petersburg to meet up with friends at a real cool microbrewery that also had live entertainment. After that “Beau” and I ended the night by going to a local Mexican restaurant for a late night snack.

The next morning on Saturday, Beau and I went to the MacDill Air Force Base “Air Fest”. This is a really big airshow that has great aerial entertainment to include the “Blue Angels” and super food and static displays of interesting stuff. Sorry, but didn’t take many photos while we were there. Recall Terry did an excellent post on the Blue Angels called Rocket Man back in November of 2016 when we went to the homecoming show on Pensacola Naval Air Station. Sorry, don’t know how to put his link here.  You can go to Terry’s Video Log category and search back to that great video he did if you want.

That late afternoon, we were then off once again to Saint Petersburg to meet up with another of my favorite social groups. We met a group of about 80 folks and went on an Art Walk for about 4 hours to about 20 unique galleries in a very interesting area of Saint Petersburg. We had such a great time, drinking wine, eat complementary hors d’oeuvres, seeing some great artwork and getting to see some great demonstrations of how glass art structures are created. I have so many pictures of that event that I will be sharing them here with you in this blog. This was truly a 5-Star event! Make sure you check out the few video I have included in the photos below. Especially the one with the round mirror.  It’s very interesting !

This video above is really interesting.  Watch what sneaks by in the mirror!

Pretty Kitty video !

Video of how glass art is made.  Quite a process.  Only included one short video here although I did several others, but too lengthy to attach.

I think the girl in the above painting looks a lot like “Beau” !

This guys shirt is art by itself. So fitting attire for this event!

After the Art Walk, we went with a group of friends to a local hangout and danced the night away. We didn’t get back home to after3 AM, yes…3 AM ! I haven’t done that in a long time. Also, check out the video I’m posting below.  Took “Beau” briefly to a “Drag Queen” show at the end of the night (or I should say morning).  Video is not that great but “Beau” loved it!  It posted for some reason at the top of this blog, sorry ?

We had such a fun weekend and we’re on the go the entire time. What a marathon weekend !!!!

Have a great rest of your week!

Luv Gary

P.S. Had to include this nice photo of “Beau” from a Kentucky Derby party she went to the weekend before visiting with me here in Tampa. Great photo and wonderful hat!

9 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend-“Beau” Came to Visit Me in Tampa-Post 2 of 2

  1. What a full-on and fun-filled weekend! It’s so good to see all the things the two of you got up to and to see those shiny smiley faces along the way. Big shout out for the matching specs …. très chic vous deux!


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