Boating+Kayaking+Beer+Food+Friends+Beach +Sun = Fun !

Hey All,

To continue on my weekend adventures. On Satutday morning I got up early after a late Friday night and was trying to decide if I wanted to make the 1 hour drive to Dunedin to link up with one of my other meetup groups called “The Tampa Bay Adventurers w”ho were going to Kayak or Boat to Caladesi Island on Honeymoon Bay. I could just go to the gym like I would normally do as part of my regular routine and then just hill for the rest of the afternoon since the weather initially looked like it might rain, but that would make for a boring day or I could take the chance and make the drive to Dunedin and see what happens. I decided to just go for the gusto and off to Dunedin I went.

Because of my recent leg issues and some biopsies that were recently done, I decided it was best to minimize getting my leg to wet, so I decided to just drive to Honeymoon State Park and then take the ferry over to Caladesi Island, walk the mile along the beach and then meet up with everyone in the group that way.

The day really turned out to alot of fun. I didn’t really know that many of the people from this group initially, but by the end of the day, I made so many new friends!  “The Tampa Bay Adventures” do so many things in the Tampa/St Petersburg and surrounding area from boating, kayaking, beaching, dancing, going to concerts and festivals, biking, dining and of course drinking cocktails! The group has over 1,200 members, so they are quite active and there are so many things that people within the group organize and you can just pick and choose which ones interest you and just RSVP on line.

For the event on Saturday, we had about 150 people attend and the event was combined with another group called “The Slackers” which means simply Laidback Adventures, Campers  and Kayakers who primarily do alot of outdoor stuff.

I really hit it off with the main hosts from both of the groups rather quickly. Sheila from The Slackers and Katherine from The Tampa Bay Adventurers were so much fun and they quickly introduced me to so many people. It truly was a great day and the weather turned out to be just perfect! I’m glad I decided to go !

Hope you enjoy all the photos and short video clips that I will post in this blog…. as they say….pictures speak a thousand words!

Boating over to Caledesi Island

Photo below of me walking the mile along the beach to meet the group.

Shiela is the “Slacker” host in the “cowperson” hat and Katherine the “Tampa Bay Adventurers” host is the brunet with the yellow sun glasses to the left of Shiela. They were so welcoming and so much fun!

Hollywood, Jet-Set Crew!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s just a guy who had too many jello shots and had no idea what he was doing!

The video above is of a guy trying to ride the bull without falling off. A lot of people had so much fun with this float! Was tougher to do the more beers or jello shots you had!

The above video was so funny and I was lucky to capture it. While this guy (Jonny) was leaning on the boat, he didn’t realize that the boat was starting to drift. He lost his balance and ended up falling right into the water! He was caught off guard! I should sent this video clip to the  America Funniest Videos show.  May take 1st place!

Later in the day, the guy that owned this boat (Grant from South Africa) offered to give me a lift back to Honeymoon State Park, rather than to have me walk the mile along the beach and then wait for the ferry. I took him and the others in his crew up on the offer. While enroute back, we rescued one of the kayaking crews that capsized while they were enroute back to the shore. Unfortunately the girl lost her I-Phone in the water. The next three photos shows this rescue.

The girl in this photo was just sitting there on the boat enjoying her beer and didn’t realize that there was a big sea monster (see large hand to the left of her) ready to steal her beer! Never can be too careful!  This was an interesting photo shot !

We even got a chance to swim with the Dophins!

After the event, I went ahead and met my boat crew along with some others at a place called “Marker 8” where we drank some more cocktails and socialized for several more hours.

Our live entertainment at “Marker 8”

0ur waitress at the bar and restaurant. She was so sweet!

Have A Great Week!


9 thoughts on “Boating+Kayaking+Beer+Food+Friends+Beach +Sun = Fun !

    • Osyth,

      I know you just got back to the U.S. and are trying to get your home squared away, but you know that anytime that you want to come to Florida with hubby, you are more than welcome! You know that I have a smaller RV with one bedroom, but I can always adjust or if you prefer, I can arrange for a private and modern RV (fully equipped) that holds up to 6 people right on the beautiful MacDill Air Force base for $ 75 per night. Has 2 private bedrooms, full kitchen (with all the pot and pans, etc) and cable TV and full shower, private beach and all the amenities in easy reach. If you ever want to come this way or have a tentative date in mind let me know and I can always go ahead and reserve the RV for you ( I can always cancel and get my deposit back at a later date if you have to change your plans). No car needed (as I can pick you guys up at the airport) and do whatever you guys want to do. I will be here till at least late Aug, then will have to leave for one month (probably put my RV in storage) as I can only stay here for 6 months consecutively. Not sure, but most likely I will come back here verses Cocoa Beach as Tampa and St Pete is bigger and there is so much more to do here than in a smaller area on the other side. As for the Meetup groups, you know they are all over the place. If you google them for your area you will probably be amazed how many there are. Great way to met new people in your area for pot lucks, dinning, outdoor adventures, festivals, etc; Highly encourage you to take a look. If opens your opportunity to learn so much in your area from others about things you probably would never have known are there. This is a wonderful way to make new friends.


    • Thanks Dolly. Still trying to venture out and to do new and interesting things. My goal is to have you guys feel like you are there as well (at least virtually) via my video clips and photos. I will admit though that although that as I am doing all these things, my mind still continues to think about Terry all the time and it makes me sad that he is not there to share in these events with me. I still have so many visions of him just sitting there in our RV continuing to deteriorate in health and feeling so helpless and knowing that he depended on me just to get thru each day as he struggled to survive. It upsets me when I think about it, but i know I am doing the right thing by keeping busy to minimize depression as I know life must go on.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Gary, you know that Terry is always with you and that he is happy that you are keeping busy among lovely people. Look how many manifestations you have had! You are doing the right thing, for you and for Terry.
        Sending you many blessings!


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