Give Two, Get Two, Now Weep for Three.

In my previous posts, I told you about my daily 25 mile bike rides along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa and that on the 12 1/2 mile leg out, I usually enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature along the way, but on my return trip of 12 /2 miles I tend to think about Terry and become sad and teary eyed knowing that when I return back to my RV, he is no longer there in person to greet me. However, I did say that the mother bird living in the inside portion of my RV hitch continues to stay there and provides me some confort. “Little bird Terry” who was one of the 4 little birdies born on Terry’s birthday on 4/5/18 seemed to stick around just a little bit longer with his mother than his three other baby bird siblings. However, a few weeks ago “Little Bird Terry” finally spread his wings and flew off to bigger and better things.

These last few days I have begun to become depressed again. Some of it is due to the rainy weather, some because of my thoughts, love and renewed grieving about Terry and also now being a bit bumped of being right there at the scene of that accident last week where a young mother (Jessica) and her beautiful infant daughter (Lilia) were tragically run over and killed by young teenagers racing along Bayshore Boulevard. Since that accident, I haven’t had the motivation and drive to bicycle along Bayshore Boulevard again.

However, finally late today (Sunday) the weather finally cleared up a bit and I convinced myself to once again bicycle along Bayshore Boulevard. I knew that there was a shrine of flowers, ballons and stuffed animal left right there at the site where the 2 victums (mother and daughter) were killed. So, I decided that it would be fitting to take the two stuffed animals that were given to Terry when he was sick and to place the two stuffed animals at the shrine today as a small symbol of my sadness and love and to hopefully feel sone comfort that perhaps Terry was helping Jessica and Lilia in their transition to heaven.

So now during my 12 1/2 mile bike ride back to the base… I will think and weep for three souls who died so young, namely (Terry, Jessica and Lilia).

Now here is where the miracle of joy comes in…..When I returned back home to my RV and took a look in the opening of my RV hatch,,,to my surprise Terry’s bird mother had once again laid more eggs (I assume a few weeks ago) and they hatched today to bring life to yet two more little birdies!

So today I placed two stuffed animals at the very spot where the shrine had been established for the two innocent angles tragically killed on Bayshore Boulevard and now as I returned home I was surprised and comforted to have received two new precious baby bird house guests who will be temporarily living in my RV hatch hookup until they are strong enough to spread their wings and to fly away from their mother and to live a full life on their own like ” Little Terry” recently did. I have named these two new baby birdies”Little Jessica” and “Little Lillia” in honor of the deceased mother and infant.

As I continue my bicycle ride to and from Bayshore in the future, i will now pray and weep for three souls (Terry, Jessica and baby Lillia)

With love,


22 thoughts on “Give Two, Get Two, Now Weep for Three.

  1. It is such a rollercoaster, Gary. You ride it well. That pigeon is providing such miraculous help. The accident you speak of must have been whilst I was in hospital. That would have shocked me, too


  2. That mummy bird is watching over you and showing you that life goes on. She will nurture her babies and be grateful for the shelter your RV provides them and you are loved by them. The futile waste of life caused by those foolish thoughtless youngsters and the fact that the lives taken were a baby girl and her young beautiful mother is bound to cast a shadow over your life and to rake up your feelings of loss and grief over your darling Terry. You do so well, Gary to even put one foot in front of the other most days and to be living your life in his precious memory. Look to the birds, feel nursed in your soul by their beauty and faith in you that you will never harm them or disturb them. Know that it is because you are such a wonderful decent and kind person that the effect of those dreadful deaths is haunting you and go as softly as you can. IOU an email in response to another message you have left and I will write that when I get to Baltimore where I will be for a few days this week. With love to you.

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    • Wow Osyth….Such a beautiful response. It means so much to me. You are such a caring person and I am proud to be your friend!
      No rush on redponding back to my other comments, just when you have the chance. Enjoy Baltimore and check out the Inner Harbour area. Washington DC also is only an hour away uf you get the chance to travel there. If you never have been to Baltimore, the red brick buildings and quaint street in the main downtowm area will remind you of London. Has alot of charm, just like Boston where even the street names are the same as you see in London.

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      • Thank you so much, Gary. I am proud to be your friend too as it happens. Thank you so much for the tips about Baltimore. I have the days to myself as my husband is in meetings so I will be down to that harbor and checking out the main downtown too! We travel down (or is it up?) to Washington DC on Saturday for a couple of days … I’m pretty excited to be seeing these new cities!


        • It’s south to Washingtion DC from Baltimore about 1 hour drive. Glad you will have a chance to get down there as well. In the evening when in the DC area great place to go in the evening is to old town Alexandria on Duke and King St. Lots of nice restaurants, pubs, quaint shops, etc. You would love that area and very safe to walk around.

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  3. I am sure it is so hard Gary and so much grief. You are doing well and there are bound to be times where it is much harder! The accident was sad and horrible and that alone can be very depressing!! You putting those stuffed animals there is something dear Terry would love I am sure! Take care Gary! xoxo You are doing great! Love the birdies


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