Happy Memorial Day

Good Morning,

Happy Memorial Day to you all as we remember all our courageous Veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom, our beloved Country and our way of life.

Being that I have significantly down-sized from our days back there in the big house in Dallas, Tx the memorial display in my current gardens is a lot simpler, but has the same meaning.

I fondly remember all the years of comming home after working my overnight shifts as a pharmacistin my post-Army retirement years to be greeted by all the American flags that Terry would proudly display in our front gardens in honor of our fallen veterans and in appreciation of my 22 years of active duty service. It was always so touching.

I also remember how Terry would like to go to the Veteran’s cemmetaries and take some impactful photos of all the flags placed on the graves of each fallen veteran in honor of sacrificing their lives for us all.

Have a great day with your friends and loved ones today and remember our fallen soldiers.



11 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. I remember commenting to Terry on more than one occasion that the USA puts the UK to shame. Although, of course we acknowledge Remembrance Day on 11/11 it tends to fall to The Royal British Legion and to The Church to mark the day. I believe that it should be a national holiday as it is here (Veterans Day) and in France. And I think that Memorial Day that specifically remembers those that paid the ultimate price for protecting their people and upholding freedom is a wonderful thing. Thank you for serving, Gary and thank you for reminding us what this day is about.


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