On Top of The World – Annointed As The 13 th Disciple

Hey All,

Lat Wednesday evening I drove to Saint Petersburg to meet up with one of my social groups at the Rooftop Bar called The Canopy at the Birchwood Hotel.

There were about 150 people that showed up as this is avery popular place that is frequented from time to time by this group as a great gathering point.

The weather that evening was perfect and the views of Saint Petersburg and the bay and marina below and the sky above were phenomenal.

Overall a great evening.

Since I have been taking the time to capture photos of all these events and then to simultaneousy post them to the meetup group site so everyone can enjoy, the main coordinator of the group…Katherine (the one to the right of me in the group photo below) annointed me as the “13th desciple”.

Since this overall group has over 4,000 members and since so many different activities get planned from dinners to concerts to kayaking, etc; Katherine has what she calls her 12 disciples to help distribute responsibilities and to let these folks rotate sub host duties to sponsor and coordinate and to make the arrangements needed for each activity so Katherine will not have to do them all by herself. Now I am included as her “13th disciple”….the pseudo group photographer for the events that I am able to attend. Glad I can help out and to contribute in a small way.

Enjoy the photos !

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