Pride Festival On Sunday in St Petersburg, Florida (The Day After The Parade)

Hey All,

The fun activities for Pride Weekend continued on Sunday. For the festival, I met up with about 60 folks from one of my favorite meetup groups. The festival went from 11 AM to 5 PM. There was a lot of musicians, street performers, food and beer, local and national vendor booths and all the shops and restaurants along the 5 blocks of the festival that were closed off to traffic were open for business.

I car-pooled from Tampa with “Jo” a friend of mine. She was so nice to offer to drive as my left leg was hurting (still from the injury I sustained a month ago in the Keys). “Jo” actually ended up being the winner of a really cool bike from one of the local banks im free raffle. We actually were talking about that raffle on the way home bavk to Tampa and how cool it would be if she won as she wanted to start bike-riding. I was really happy when I found out the next day that she won! I told her it was because she had been so nice on Sunday morning to have taken the time to accompany her elderly dad to church that morning and for helping me out by graciously volunteering to drive to the festival.

Enjoy the pictures!

Have a great weekend!