Florida Keys Trip – Day 1

Hey All,

Finally got back home to Tampa from The Florida Keys and now playing catch up.

What a great trip, it actually exceeded my expectations ! I left last Wednesday (30 May) and got back late afternoon on Monday (4 June). The drive was about 6 1/2 hours to get to The Coco Plum resort in Marathon (about an hour north of Key West).

This Florida Keys trip is an annual tradition (for about the last 20 years) organized by The Trailblazers Group from the Melbourne/Coco Beach area. “Beau” introduced me to this group in February when I was living on the east coast of Florida. I went to a few of their meetings and a few social events before I departed for Tampa in late March, so got a chance to get to know some of the folks before moving. I heard so much about this annual 5 night/6 day event in the Keys, that I decided to sign up and commit to going. The club reserves the entire Coco Plum Resort complex which is made up of 20 fully equiped condos (each holding 5 people). We had a total of 100 people who went with the age group running from the mid 40’s to around 85 years old. What a group of wonderful people. The cost for the accomodations was only $ 265 for the entire 5 night stay! What a deal ! The cost also included a “Hamburgers in Paradise” event on Wednesday evening, a huge potluck with entertainment on Thurday evening and a catered Luau with live entertainment on Saturday evening. Friday was left open for people to go to Key West if they wanted to. There were also a lot of side trips arranged for kayaking, snorkeling, boating, biking, special lunches at favorite local establishments, a lot of pool and hot tub time, etc. There was a wide variety of things to do to accomodate everyones interests.

I took so many photos and did alot of fun videos.

Today’s post will only include yhe first day when everyone arrived and the “Hamburgers in Paradise” night.

I can’t wait to start posting all the really cool pictures and videos from Thursday, Frida, Saturday and Sunday. The videos I took on those 4 days are alot of fun to watch. You are in for a real treat!

My tentative plan is to do about 5 to 7 seperate posts from my Keys trip. I want you to feel like you were there and to enjoy all the pictures and videos I took.

Day 1 was the laid back day, but days 2 thru 5 really get wild and very colorful. Wait until you see the potluck and group skits on Thurday, what Beau and I did in Key West on Friday and the luau on Saturday and some other off the grid stuff, so stay tuned and don’t miss these future posts as they are guranteed to be entertaining !

Luv, Gary

In the video above, I caught the “thief in the condo complex” trying to eat all our trash. Look at the way he just hangs in there by his back feet to rumage thru everything. He doesn’t waste any time!

As a side note, I had a little mishap on Evening 1 and injured my left leg. Luckily, did not have a need to go to the hospital, but did limit me to do some of the more challenging activities. Oh well.

11 thoughts on “Florida Keys Trip – Day 1

  1. What a wonderful time you had and this is just the start …. I gleefully await the next few days postings and must shout out to that pesky bin bandit – he made me laugh out loud!!


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