Watch “Florida Keys Trip – Day 2 (Part 1)” on YouTube

Hey All,

To continue my account of the many activities that we did while in the Florida Keys, I take you first to Day 2, Part 1 which covers the morning into the late afternoon and before our big Thursday evening Potluck Party and Celebrity Show.

During the morning we just chilled out awhile by the pool, while some went kyaking, others snorkeling, some boating or fishing and others shopping. Because of my injured left leg, I just had to take it easy since I was having trouble walking.

Later in the early afternoon, Beau and I drove about 30 miles south to meet a bunch of folks from the Trailblazers group at a well-known restaurant in Big Pine Key established in 1936 called The No Name Pub. This place as well as all Big Pine Key was one of the worst places hit with the greatest devaststion from Hurricaine Irma in September 2017. The staff of this establishmemt worked day and night for 3 months to get this friendly establishment up and running again for everyone to enjoy.

Enroute to No Name, Beau and I stopped several times to take some fun photos.

After our 30 minute delay, we finally got to the place!

Notice in the pictures above all the bills left by patrons covering all the walls and ceilings of the place.

After eating a delicious pizza and having a few drinks with our friends, Beau and I then left where she wanted to take me on a short drive in the local area to see the “key deer” roaming around. You already saw the you-tube video above. I was facinated how docile these deer were and that they didn’t run away when you approached them!

Then we stopped at a KMart for a few things. Look a the nice paint job on that building.

Now once we got back to the condo development. Beau had a little squirt gun fight with a friend and then time to rest for awhile and to get ready for the evening party!

To be continued…..

7 thoughts on “Watch “Florida Keys Trip – Day 2 (Part 1)” on YouTube

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    • For now. However, I have some recent healthcare issues (actually 4) that are going to limit my activities for a while going forward. Will articulate all this with you all in a few days after I get out the rest of my Keys Trip blogs. Need to focus on those first so I can get the photos and videos off my cell phone before I have no space left on it and my phone goes into overload.


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